Mt. Malipunyo | Batangas

Mt. Malipunyo
Malipunyo ranges or others call in Mt. Malarayat is one of the prides of Batangas and Laguna in terms of hiking locations. It is one of the nearest locations where the hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, from Manila and nearby areas, can enjoy the great views and extreme experience. For me, Malipunyo can be considered as “first timer friendly,” as it contains simple trail with the 3/9 for its difficulty. But still, that will depend on how you will handle yourself.

Mt. Malipunyo Traverse
We processed the registration at the Welcome arch of Brgy. Talisay, processed registration, and proceeded to the jump off. We hired Tatay Muring as our guide, he’s a friend of our tricycle driver.

Mt. Maculot
From the subdivision, it was a long walk on un-cemented road, passing different villages. There were pebbles, rocks and on the sides of the road were trees and plants. The resident’s houses seem to be far from each other but the people were friendly and approachable. The road was slightly ascending, until we reached the end of it. Next part was a normal trail and still ascending. The area smells good because of the blooming coffee flower.

Mt. Mabilog
We were almost approaching the first water source. The area was rich in vegetation and the surroundings were so refreshing in the eyes because everything is green. We took a short break at the mini-river while Tatay Muring was chatting with the guy who was washing his clothes. The water in the river was also refreshing and cool. Tastes good!

Susong Dalaga
After Peak 1, on trail, there were Lipa leaves and rattan on the trail. They scattered everywhere, and according to our guide, local government is pushing the residents to plant more rattan in the area for some reasons. Photo above is the famous Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Most Expensive Coffee
On the trail, we saw something strange but look interesting; it’s the source of one of the most expensive coffee on earth – Civet Cat Coffee

Mt. Malipunyo Campsite
The camp side is a long, narrow and clean area, surrounded by shrubs. 

Photos below were captured at the durungawan:

Mt. Manabu

Beaches in Batangas

Mountains in Batangas

Mt. Susong Dalaga
Photo above was taken during our traverse to Mt. Manabu

How to Get Here | at the Provincial bus loading bay in Ortigas (below the flyover.) Took an air-conditioned bus bound for Tambo Exit. Bus Fare: 124 pesos. Travel Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes. In front of Jollibee-Tambo, we rode in a jeep coaster going to Fiesta Mall. Then, we chartered a tricycle going to Brgy. Talisay.  Just tell the driver that you’re going to “Malipunyo.”