The Amazing Race Asia | Casting Call

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5
Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, Asia brings back The Amazing Race Asia for a fifth season. Hosted by Allan Wu, the Amazing Race Asia Season 5 is looking for couples or pairs (with pre-existing relationships) who are ready to face different challenges as they race around the world.

Pinoy Big Brother | I Finally Got the Sticker

PBB House
PBB House (photo above) or Bahay ni Kuya is one of the famous houses in the Philippines. I was in 2nd year college when met and saw Nene Tamayo in person, after winning the very first PBB title; she was raised in Sta. Fe and I came from Odiongan, both municipalities in Romblon. Seeing a Romblomanon on national TV, for the first time, is such an honor and I want to be the next one.

Reasons to Visit Romblon

Sunset by the Bay
It’s been 9 years when I left Odiongan, Romblon and it always took me a year or two before I can go back due to workload. Of course, there’s no other place like home, right? So in 2016, I spent my one week vacation with my family in Odiongan. While I was traveling in a Ro-Ro few things captured my camera, here they are:

Island Hopping in Quezon for 1500 pesos

Kalanggaman Island
Quezon is one of my favorite provinces in the country because of its gorgeous characteristics. I’ve been here several times but I keep on coming back for just one reason – to discover the hidden wealth. First to mention would be the stunning Pahiyas Festival and sumptuous pancit hab-hab. Few of the gems can be found on higher altitude of Mt. Banahaw – the Holy Mountain and Mt. Cristobal – the Devils Mountain. Now, for the third time, I am visiting the three of the fine-looking islets with white sand beaches. This post is entitled:

From Mt. Lubog to Mt. Haponang Banoi

Mt. Haponang Banoi
Mt. Haponang Banoy or Banoi is situated beside Mt. Pamitinan and separated by Wawa Dam from Mt. Binacayan. This mountain is now famous to mountaineering world because it is surrounded by luscious green trees, making the area looks so relaxing and the wind is cool, clean and fresh. Plus, the exhilarating terrains added an adventure to hikers.

The Difficult Trail of Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Binacayan
Mt. Binacayan is beside Mt. Pamitinan; these two mountains are separated by Wawa Dam. But according to the legends, these mountains were separated by Bernardo Carpio. Hhmm, sounds interesting, right? But let’s go to the fact. Binacayan is one of the mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is small but the trails are terrible. 

Bernardo Carpio and Mt. Pamitinan

Mt. Pamitinan
It's been a long time since we planned to visit Wawa Dam and hike Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, but for some reasons, it was unsuccessful. This twin mountains, with Wawa Dam as separator, is located in Rodriguez, Rizal, formerly known as Montalban, Rizal. These mountains are famous because of the legend, according to stories: Bernardo Carpio used his un-human power to separate these two mountains from each other, that's the reason why the space, where Wawa Dam is situated, was created. (photo above | left-Mt. Pamitinan, right: Mt. Binacayan) Photo below will show you how tough the trail of Mt. Pamitinan was.

Segment of Berlin Wall is now in National Museum

National Museum of the Philippines
After seeing on facebook that the National Museum of the Philippines has FREE admission for the whole month of May, 2016, we chose spending our whole day inside the museum than watching TV, with the hot election in the mainstream. It is better to be in front of the historical artifacts than listening to some people for their political agenda. 

Discovering the Beaches of Morong Bataan

Beach Resort in Bataan
Historically speaking, the Province of Bataan has a huge contribution to the country. I was only invited to join this travel and there was no formal itinerary. Bataan was our destination – that’s what we knew and with the use of GPS, we were able to reach the other side of Bataan.

Donating my Crowning Glory to a Progeria Patient

Rochelle Progeria Patient
Almost 1 year ago, one of the remarkable events in my life was cutting my long and beautiful hair. I donated my hair to a young and beautiful lady turning 18. She is Rochelle.

Celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary on Mt. Tibig

Tourist Spots in Batangas
Mt. Tibig is one of the gems in Lobo, Batangas. Truly, the province of Batangas has a lot of gorgeous mountains to offer and it's just few hours away from Manila. Tibig is one of the mountains, in Batangas, that are not the usual destination for hiking. Since we are celebrating our anniversary, we chose this mountain so that there's no one else, just us.

Hiking on Mt. Daguldol, the summit of the gods

Mt. Daguldol
Mt. Daguldol is situated in Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. This mountain is one of the assets of the province, in terms of mountain ranges with gorgeous beaches on the sides. This mountain is perfect for the first time hiker because the trail is simple to moderate, but the beauty on the summit was remarkably beautiful. 

Surfing Waves and the Sunset in La Union

Agoo Church
Basilica of Our Lady of Charity - Agoo, La Union
While in the car, an old bell tower captured my heart and soul. According to, this church as founded and completed 1578, by Franciscan friars Fray John Baptist Lucarelli and Fray Sebastian de San Francisco. The original church was destroyed by the 1892 earthquake and repaired in 1893. The present church was designed by Architect Ignacio Palma Bautista.

National Museum of the Philippines Offers FREE Admission

Tourist spots in Romblon
This wooden coffin was discovered in Banton, Romblon
National Museum of the Philippines Offers FREE Admission for the whole month of May 2016, as part of the Heritage Month celebration, that's what I saw from the National Museum Facebook Page. The National Museum has the collection of relics, artifacts, and antiques discovered in the Philippines and abroad, combined for the Filipino viewing. Some of these are the following:

Art Exhibit in National Museum of the Philippines

National Museum of the Philippines
Few days after my Solo-Backpacking at the Museum of the Filipino People, it's the second part for Oktubre ang Buwan ng mga Museo. These two buildings of the National Museum of the Philippines are few steps away from each other. Also, they both have historical values in the society and played a huge part in Philippine Government.

Remarkable Underwater Experience in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera is located in north westernmost of Oriental Mindoro. It is one of the highly commercialized beaches in the Philippines, together with Boracay Island. This tourist spot has a lot to offer; from the fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning marine sanctuary.

Imelda Marcos' Shoes Collection in Marikina

Marikina Shoe Museum
Marikina Shoe Museum was conceived in 1998 under then Mayor Bayani F. Fernando on the assumption that the City, being the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, can be a significant venue for nurturing the historical and cultural values of its shoe industry. It was opened in February 16, 2001 and was initially called the Footwear Museum of Marikina. Information courtesy: Marikina City Website

What's Inside the Philippine National Museum

Philippine National Museum
Philippine National Museum, Museum of the Filipino People Building
I have been dreaming to visit the Philippine National Museum since high school but in 2015 that dream came into reality as the Philippine National Museum offered a free admission for the whole month of October. I spent the whole day inside the museum, from Marikina City Shoe Museum to the National Museum, in Manila. Below are 20 photos captured at the Museum of the Filipino People building.