Reasons to Visit Romblon

Sunset by the Bay
It’s been 9 years when I left Odiongan, Romblon and it always took me a year or two before I can go back due to workload. Of course, there’s no other place like home, right? So in 2016, I spent my one week vacation with my family in Odiongan. While I was traveling in a Ro-Ro few things captured my camera, here they are:


Montenegro Lines
Photo above was taken on Montenegro Lines ordinary cabin. This is not a usual face of journey with Montenegro; a lot of passengers were going home to witness the annual Kanidugan Festival, in Odiongan.  There are two sea vessels transporting people and goods to Romblon, Montenegro Lines and 2Go. For Montenegro Lines, you can secure tickets at Batangas Port and has routes to Odiongan (Tablas Island) and Romblon, Romblon, with 3PM and 5PM departure respectively. For 2Go Company, booking tickets can be done thru their website >>> 2Go.

Panagbenga Festival 2017
Kanidugan Festival 2016, continue reading >>>

Few decades ago, when my Tatay was still working as a carpenter here in Manila, every time he goes back home, usually he buys two buckets of assorted biscuits, the one inside the tin can not plastic. Well, it was few decades ago, but in this modern time I am still seeing people buying these as pasalubong to their love ones.  So sweet right?
Tourist spots in romblon

Batangas Port

Miss Romblon
 Romblon is one of the most promising provinces in the country in terms of beautiful spots. It has a lot to offer, from the marbles which is the number one product of the province, Mt.Guiting-guiting, the country’s most technical mountain and the stunning Cresta de Gallo sand bar, both in Sibuyan Island. In tablas island, here are few tourist spots: Sapatos – a shoe like rock formation by the beach, in San Andres, Aglicay Beach in Alcantara, Fish Sanctuary in Looc, and Binucot Beach in Ferrol. If you're looking for scuba, Romblon, Romblon has it.