Soda Swimming Pool
Soda Swimming Pool is also by the highway. I know you're wondering why they call it Soda, correct? It is simply because the water coming out from this spring tastes like a soda and it is safe to drink. Like Sto. Nino Cold Spring, Soda swimming pool also has cool, refreshing and crystal clear water (photos below are proof).

Soda Swimming Pool 2020
The atmosphere in the area is cool because it is surrounded by hardwood trees and flowers. The air is absolutely clean and refreshing. Cottages are available for rent and you can order foods from the pool attendant.

tourist attractions in Camiguin

tourist attractions in Camiguin
 Photo above (GoPro shot by Alfie) is the proof how clear is the water at Soda Swimming Pool. The pool is made of concrete, including the bottom, making the water clear like a mirror. Entrance fees are being collected. Store, rest and shower rooms are available. Visitors are also allowed to cook inside.