Parang may Nagbago dahil sa Pag-Byahe at Pamumundok

darwin dalisay accepted puberty challenge
 Antagal kong itinago ang mga larawang ito, subalit sadyang may mga taong mapangahas at gustong halukayin ang aking nakaraan. Nais nilang magkaroon ako ng isang post para sa #PubertyChallenge. Interesting, yun lang ang palaging nasa isipan ko, tatangapin ko ba ito o tatangapin ko? Mahirap hanapin ang sagot. Pero ngayon, ito na ang inyong hinahanap. Ang mga larawang niluma na ng panahon ngunit dala ay ang sinasabi nilang BEFORE and AFTER.

Pure Bass Sound with JBL T210 In-Earphone

JBL T210 Earphone
As a replacement for my Hoomia earphones, I searched online for the best and affordable earphone in the market. A lot of choices were given, from brands, usage, quality and special features. Personally, I am looking for a not so expensive earphones but can give me a superb pure bass sound. It was a challenging task to choose for the right one especially if you're searching online because you can't do a testing. According to feedback and customer reviews, JBL T210 in-earphone is one of the best, so I purchased one.

Treating Gingivitis with Colgate Periogard

Colgate Periogard for treating Gingivitis
It's been a while since my last visit with my dentist. So, a week ago I visited her for my an oral prophylaxis. She said that my teeth are still good but the only problem is Gingivitis or an inflammation of the gums. Had no idea on what she was talking about. According to her, if not treated it can result to a more serious infection so she gave me a Colgate PerioGard. After using for a week, bleeding during brushing my teeth stopped. Now, I have a healthy teeth and gums and can confidently eat anything without thinking about bleeding.

A Glimpse of Vietnam

Tourist Attractions in Vietnam
As what I have mentioned with my Aliwan Fiesta 2017 post, my DSLR wasn't me with because Thes, ang maganda kong pinsan (medyo napilitan ako sa statement na yan huh), brought it to Vietnam. In return, I'll publish some of her photographs here so we can have a glimpse of Vietnam is and their tourist spots and destinations. Every time I hear Vietnam, I am always thinking of Vietnam War and Leah Salonga performing Miss Saigon. Let's see and widen our minds with the photos she captured at the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Received my Action Cam from Lazada

4K Action Camera
 Today, the spread of action camera is really fast. Started by GoPro, now there are a lot of action cameras in the market that can be purchased at a very low price. I ordered one from Lazada and after receiving, I can't stop exploring what this low cost action camera can provide. So much excited because of its size, features, video and photo quality, usage, and accessories.

Balitok ti Alicia from Isabela

Aliwan Fiesta 2018
Balitok in Ilocano means gold, from which the festival Balitok ti Alicia drew inspiration  as they gratefully celebrate the golden era of the town of Alicia, Isabela.  Being one of the prime palay producers of the province, the festival honors rice as the  golden grains that helped this humble town, formerly called Angadanan Viejo, to become a prominent business hub in Central Isabela. It shows how its hardworking people put their heart in the tedious, muscle numbing work in the fields for the golden grains to be served on the tables for the whole year. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Niyogyugan Festival from Quezon Province

Niyogyugan Festival
From the  words, “niyog” and ”yugyog,” the Niyogyugan Festival  combines all the colourful fiestas of Quezon Province like the “Pahiyas” of Lucban, “Arana’t Baluarte” of Gumaca, “Tagultol” of Atimonan, “Maubanog” of Mauban and others. A province-wide celebration that celebrates the “Tree of Life,” Niyogyugan pays tribute to the coconut industry’s glorious past, which bore fruit in the form of lambanog distilleries, oil millers, heritage houses, and the vast resort-plantations. NIYOGYUGAN FESTIVAL was created to move, shake and bring back the vigor and dynamism of the industry and to promote the products, places, the talent and creativity of Quezonians. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Manaragat Festival from Catbalogan, Samar

Manaragat Festival
Catbalogan City celebrated last year its 400 years of establishment as the capital of the whole island of Samar, from a small fishing village before in 1616 and promising city now in Eastern Visayas. The Manaragat Festival of Catabalogan City is celebrated every year for the whole month of August to pay homage to its Patron Saint – Senyor Bartolome whose feast day falls on the 24th of August. Most of all, this festival is an ongoing call for people to remain resilient despite the odds and to keep moving forward. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Cinco de Noviembre Festival from Negros Occidental

Cinco de Noviembre Festival
Sigabong sang mga Kanyon means “explosion of cannons.” It is also  part of an annual Fiesta dubbed as “Cinco de Nobyembre” by the City of Bago, Negros Occidental, commemorating the uprising of the Negrenses and the rather   “explosive” true story behind the province’s independence. History accounts relate the siege of Bago City, then a poblacion, which was liberated by the Philippine revolutionary General Juan Araneta in the early hours of November 5, 1898.  Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Manggahan Festival of Guimaras

Manggahan Festival
Guimaras is one of the small island province in the Philippines but with a huge a vibrant culture, breathtaking tourist attractions, and world class mangoes. Having said that, the province created Manggahan Festival every May to showcase their gift. In this presentation, Binagtong, which means anything that is wrapped by a katsa or patadyong, will be featured to show its usefulness as an accessory to export mangoes and other products by using this piece of cloth in the hands, shoulder or head. To be included in the presentation are the unique and exciting countryside experience for tourists  – from agri eco adventure parks to bike circuits, historical sites, religious events and other cultural activities. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website