Hiking Mt. 387 and the Batong Amat

Mt. 387
Mt. 387 is one of the newly marked hiking destinations in Luzon because of its breathtaking beauty, spectacular and tantalizing golden sunset, fresh and cool ambiance – this mountain can be considered as one of the most scenic mountains in the Philippines. Mt. 387 is situated in the province Nueva Ecija which is dubbed as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines,” a three to four hours travel from Manila. Our photos below will explain more about what Mt. 387 can offer.

The Century Old Maasin Cathedral, Southern Leyte

Maasin Cathedral
Maasin Cathedral is a catholic place of worship in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. It was originally built in 1700 by the Jesuit priests; however, it was severely damaged because of the Moro’s rebels. The bricks and the mosses on the facade give an older and a unique look which is perfect for the modern selfies. Maasin Cathedral is definitely one of historical pillars of Southern Leyte. Since this cathedral is situated in front of the plaza and a few meters away from the City hall, it is one of the busiest area in Maasin.

Ulan-Ulan and Tinago Falls in Biliran

Ulan-Ulan Falls Biliran
Ulan-Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls are just two of the famous and majestic waterfalls in the Province of Biliran, which is an island province in Eastern Visayas region. Naval, its capital, is now highly urbanized making it easy for us, travelers, to discover and experience what they can offer. Biliran has a lot of mountainous areas where the magnificence of nature are still hidden. Not only that, they also have stunning beaches, great products and friendly people.

Amandaraga Falls: Lawaan, Eastern Samar

Lawaan Eastern Samar tourist spots
Amandaraga Falls is the top tourist destinations in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. This majestic waterfall has an artistic rock formation on the side, the cool and pressure of the falling crystal clear water is the perfect for body massage. Not only that, the sound of the rushing waters preserves the tranquility with the help of the relaxing green surroundings - it is just breathtaking!

Mc Arthur Park in Palo, Leyte

Mc Arthur Park Palo
The McArthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte is one of the most visited landmarks in Leyte or even in the Philippines; this is to commemorate the historical landing of General Douglas MacArthur in Leyte. The actual landing in October of 1944 was the start of the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese occupation – the Second World War. The statues were created by Anastacio Caedo The significance of this park is can be read on the historical markers placed in front of the park.

Capul Island, Northern Samar: Travel Guide

capul island itinerary
Capul Island is one of the must visit gems of Northern Samar. This island municipality can bring you back because of the famous century old Capul lighthouse and Capul Church. If you’re into outdoors, you can explore the hidden and majestic caves or hop on and off the rock formations, by the shore, it’s your choice. If you just want to relax, no worries, the island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and the cool fresh air that blows continuously. The coconut and other trees create an amazing backdrop by the shore highlighted by the white sand beaches.

Samar: Tourist Spots and Destinations

tourist destinations in Samar
The Province of Samar is prominent because of the longest San Juanico Bridge. A few years ago, it also captured the attention of the world because of the devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda. But, did you know that Samar also hides something in their mountainous and forested areas? These are breathtaking and definitely a splendor of nature’s beauty that needs to be discovered. Historical landmarks, waterfalls, and caves are just a few of the must visit tourist spots and destinations in Samar island.

8 Stunning Destinations in Guimaras in 5 Hours

Guimaras Tourist Spots
When we talk about mangoes, Guimaras will definitely be brought up on the topic because it is said that they have the “Sweetest Mango in the Philippines.” In relation to that, their local delicacies, with mango, are just mouth watering. The residents must be proud of their breathtaking and stunning beaches, historical sites and other activities. They also have Manggahan Festival, an annual festivity to thank their bountiful mango harvest. It is a small island province that can be visited for the whole day but they can offer a lot to visitors. Below are some of the tourist spots and destinations in Guimaras that you can visit.

Relaxing Kawa Hot Bath at La Escapo, Tibiao, Antique

Kawa Hot Bath
Kawa Hot Bath is prominent and one of the must tried in Antique. Most of the mountain resorts offering this kind of service are situated in Tuno, Municipality of Tibiao, 30 to 40 minutes travel from Culasi, Antique. Kawa Hot Bath is an old style of warm bath which uses a “Kawa” or a gigantic wok that serves as a bath tub. Instead of using a heater, woods are being used to create a fire to heat up the water and then sprinkled with ornamental and medicinal plants for a relaxing experience and for a fairer skin. La Escapo Mountain Resort is the perfect spot to experience Kawa Hot Bath because of their geographical location. Not only that, extreme water tubing can also be tried.

Mararison Island, Antique Day 2 – Solo Backpacking

Mararison Island
Malalison Island or locally pronounced as Mararison is one of the must visit islands in the Province of Antique. It can be considered as a fishermen island because most of the resident’s are in fishing, as their livelihood. Its breathtaking beauty captured the attention of the travelers after being hit by the Typhoon Yolanda. Aside from the world class beauty of the Boracay Island, in Aklan, Mararison can also be the next frontier or Panay because of its fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters with a diversity of aquatic flora and fauna – it is truly a perfect diving paradise.