ASIK-ASIK FALLS: A curtain of waterfalls in North Cotabato.

Asik-Asik Falls
Hiding in the mountainous area of Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato is a spectacular-curtain-like waterfalls called Asik-Asik Fall. Its unique landscape and breathtaking beauty spread online which captured the eyes of the world. Who says "no" to its majestic walls covered with lush green vegetation, such as moss and ferns, highlighted by the hardwood trees and the clear blue skies. And in between these hanging ornaments are cold and crystal clear rushing water naturally falling on a shallow rocky pool surrounded by artistic rocks and boulders. Such a perfect place to relax and distress.


Laki Beach Bataan
Breathtaking photos of Laki beach and Five Fingers in Bataan spread online; those were the reasons why we traveled here to celebrate JP's birthday. When we were searching for an itinerary online, we're kept on getting stories about Attorney. Who is Attorney?? Until now, already witnessed the beauty but the question remains unanswered. What we remember are the gift, the wealth, the magnificent, and the spectacular landscape of Laki Beach and the Five Fingers. Photos below will explain.

BUD BONGAO, TAWI-TAWI: The "Sacred Mountain"

Bud Bongao
Bud Bongao, in Tawi-Tawi province, is sacred and a Muslim's pilgrimage site; a place where our Muslim bothers and sisters meditate and offer prayers to Allah. Not just the center of religious activity, Bud Bongao is an iconic landscape, thus, it is the top tourist spots in the province. By the way, "bud" is a Tausug word that translates to "mountain" in English.

TRAVEL GUIDE: ZamBaSulTa, Region 9 and Misamis Occidental

zambasulta travel guide and itinerary
ZamBaSulta is an acronym given to Zamboanga City, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi - the normal route, however, I made a twist and created ZamTaSuBa. Let me make it more extreme, my solo-backpacking includes Region 9: Zamboanga Sibugay, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Misamis Occidental part of Region 10. Details below is my actual itinerary for 9 days that cover 7 Provinces and the independent City of Zamboanga.


Top Philippine Destinations for 2020
When COVID-19 was declared by the World Health Organization as a global Pandemic, we were hiking Mt. Hamiguitan, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Davao Oriental. It was our second day when we passed by a small spot, along the trail, with a low reception but able to receive messages. Though we were still connecting the dots due to the lack of complete details because of the slow connection, one thing was precise, the president already declared the lock-down of the NCR. Instead of enjoying the beauty of Hamiguitan, we were silently walking on the trails and our minds were focused about going back to Manila. After the tiring and expensive travel to Clark Airport, today is the Day 11 of the community quarantine, with help of traveler and hiker friends, I am creating this list of tourist destination visit after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

LA UNION: Surfing and the stunning sunset in Aringay

la union tourist spots
Basilica of Our Lady of Charity - Agoo, La Union
While in the car, an old bell tower captured my heart and soul. According to, this church as founded and completed 1578, by Franciscan friars Fray John Baptist Lucarelli and Fray Sebastian de San Francisco. The original church was destroyed by the 1892 earthquake and repaired in 1893. The present church was designed by Architect Ignacio Palma Bautista.


Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is a limestone formation located along Bangui Bay. Because of the pressure of the waves and acidity of the water, the limestone by the hill was shaped into something artistic. Today, is known as the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation - one of the famous landmark and attractions in in Ilocos Norte.



Biliran tourist spots
Ulan-Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls are just two of the famous and majestic waterfalls in the Province of Biliran, which is an island province in Eastern Visayas region. Naval, its capital, is now highly urbanized making it easy for us, travelers, to discover and experience what they can offer. Biliran has a lot of mountainous areas where the magnificence of nature are still hidden. Not only that, they also have stunning beaches, great products and friendly people.


Isabela City Basilan
Traveling to Isabela City, Basilan is less than two hours from the port of Zamboanga City. Is it safe in Basilan? It's a YES! There are news about ASG and terrorist acts happened in the province, but it doesn't mean that it's not safe. There are two cities in Basilan, Lamitan (the capital) and Isabela (part of Region 9), that serve as the center. Like the other cities, huge business establishments, transportation and people are present in every corner. From the port of Isabela City, while holding my mobile phone and using Google Map, I walked on the streets to the different tourist spots, attractions and destinations in the city. Did this alone and it's safe.


Bongao Tawi-Tawi tourist spots
For me, Tawi-Tawi is the hardest province to penetrate because of its geographical location. Not only that, Tawi-Tawi is always associated with "war" and most of the time, being judged and considered as "unsafe" for travelers, WHICH I DISAGREE! Bongao is the busiest municipality in Tawi-Tawi but has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations that are just waiting to be recognized.