List of Mountains in the Philippines

Hiking guides and itineraries

Escape the Metro and enjoy the beauty hidden in the mountains. Find the best mountain to hike near you using the hiking guides and itineraries on the link below. Hiking to the mountains of the Philippines started during ancient times and this is documented based on the relics discovered from the caves found in different parts of the country. Before, it was hiking to hunt for survival; today, it became hiking to relax, distress and discover what's hidden in the woods.

MT. APO (Davao del Sur) 2,956 MASL
MT. PULAG (Benguet, Mountain Province) 2,922 MASL
MT. TABAYOC (Benguet) 2,842 MASL
MT. TIMBAC (Benguet) 2,717 MASL
MT. HALCON (Oriental Mindoro) 2,586 MASL
MT. BANAHAW (Dolores, Quezon) 2,158 MASL
MT. UGO (Itogon, Benguet) 2,150 MASL
MT. MANTALINGAJAN (Rizal, Palawan) 2,086 MASL
MT. GUITING-GUITING (Sibuyan, Romblon) 2,058 MASL
MT. LOBO (Bakun, Benguet) 2,000+ MASL
MT. TENGLAWAN (Bakun, Benguet) 1,940 MASL
MT. ULAP (Itogon, Benguet) 1,846 MASL
MT. HAMIGUITAN (Davao Oriental) 1,620 MASL
MT. CRISTOBAL (Quezon Province) 1,470 MASL
MT. TARAK (Mariveles, Bataan) 1,130 MASL
MT. MALIPUNYO (Lipa, Batangas) 1,005 MASL
MT. LUBOG (Rodriguez, Rizal) 955 MASL - unfinished
MT. MACULOT (Cuenca, Batangas) 930 MASL
MT. BATULAO (Batangas) 811 MASL
MT. KALISUNGAN (Batangas) 760 MASL
MT. MANABU (Sulok, Batangas) 760 MASL
MT. DARAITAN (Tanay, Rizal) 739 MASL
MT. DAMAS (San Clemente, Tarlac) 685 MASL
MT. DAGULDOL (Batangas) 670 MASL
MT. PICO DE LORO (Ternate, Cavite) 664 MASL
MT. TALAMITAM (Batangas) 630 MASL
MT. TIBIG (Lobo, Batangas) 563+ MASL
MT. KASAHINGAN (Nueva Ecija)
MT. SAMAT (Bataan) 550 MASL
MT. HAPUNANG BANOI (Montalban, Rizal) 517 MASL
MT. PUNDAQUIT (San Antonio, Zambales) 464 MASL
MT. MARAMI (Magallanes, Cavite) 405 MASL
MT. MABILOG (San Pablo, Laguna) 441 MASL
MT. PAMITINAN (Montalban, Rizal) 426 MASL
MT. BINACAYAN (Montalban, Rizal) 424 MASL
MT. ROMELO (Siniloan, Laguna) 300+ MASL
MT. MANALMON (Bulacan) 196 MASL