Dala-dala'y Boslon Island, Surigao del Sur

Boslon Island
 Walk with happiness on the fine white sands that cover the Boslon Island. This islet is like a huge boulder dropped in the water, because of the pressure the fine white sand exploded and became Boslon Island. Well, that’s only my own story. Anyways, this islet is circular in shape, with the plants and trees hanging on top of the islet creating a cool atmosphere in the area. Here’s what you can see at Boslon Island:

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We prepared and had our lunch here at Boslon Island. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, so we had more time tanning our skin. On the other side of the islet, a grotto can be found. According to the locals, there were treasures found in the island. If who discovered it? I dunno! Secured banana boats are being offered here. Check the other islets of Britania, Click Here >>>

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