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Best Travel Blogger is Sirang Lente

I am Darwin Dalisay, twenty-ish years old, from Romblon! Part time movie extra and a full time call boy in a BPO. I love historical sites, nature and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. But if I am at home, watching documentaries and Korean Dramas are my interests.

Why Sirang Lente?

Sirang Lente  is a Filipino word which means “a defective lens,” pertaining to my camera lens. I know you’re thinking why I'm writing and proud having such a defective lens, correct? Here’s the reason: it was in 2012 when I started hiking and backpacking. That time, I don’t have anything expensive, like DSLR cameras, to capture high quality photos or even a knowledge in photo editing. What I have were old  5 megapixel Digital camera and a smart phone with 3.2 megapixel camera. They both have cracks on the LCD so I was thinking that they have defective lenses, but upon transferring the photographs to my laptop, images were beautiful. That's when I realized that there could be beauty in defects, it all depends in perspective.

I created this blog to list down the beautiful tourist attractions, tourist spots, tourist destinations in all the provinces I visited, upload great photos (must be raw and may not be in high quality) and tell my stories. I may not have perfect grammar but I do believe that: “learning is constant and practice makes permanent!”

Want to be part of my next adventure? For inquiries, friendship and of course donation, you can email me: darwinfdalisay@gmail.com or visit my social media sites www.facebook.com/travellingcup Instagram: Sirang_Lente, Twitter: Sirang_Lente, GooglePlus: @TravellingCup, Pinterest: TravellingCup.