Mt. Marami | Lost on the Fork Trails

Mount Marami
Mount Marami is situated in Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite, Philippines.  This mountain is very accessible to mountaineers from Manila and is budget friendly. This mountain bears a gorgeous rock formation, covered by relaxing green grass, surrounded tall and fruit bearing trees and the ambiance is cool. 

Mount Marami Trail
Mount Marami has a gradual trail type but has several fork trails; hiking guides are recommended. During dry season, the terrain is fine and friendly but totally different during rainy season because the soil can easily be turned to a muddy terrain. Grass, flowers and fruit bearing trees are visible in most part of the trail to the camp site.

Mt. Marami trail

Trail Mount Marami

Mt. Pico de Loro
Can you see what I can see on the photo above? Looks naughty right? But I soooo love it! I want to touch it and play with it but this part is situated on the other route. That's one of the must see rock formations on Mount Marami

Mount Pico de Loro
Mount Pico de Loro is also visible form afar.

Mount Marami Campsite

Mountaineers in the Philippines
The campsite of Mount Marami is located few meters away from its summit. The area is open, wide and surrounded by tall green grasses. The air is fresh and has a cool ambiance, especially during sunset and night time.

Mt. Marami campsite

Photo above shows the prominent feature on the summit of Mount Marami; hikers call it silyang bato. Silyang bato is part of the huge rock formation on top. Hikers can do a gravity defying pose, with awesome background. There is also 360 degrees view of Cavite Province.

How to Get Here | At Baclaran, we rode in a bus bound for Naic, Cavite. Alighted beside Petron Gas station. Walked few meters to Magallanes Jeep Station. At the jeepney station, rode in a jeep to Brgy. Ramirez. Then, rode in a trycicle to Brgy. Hall.