Mt. Binacayan: 2024 Hike Guide, Location, Height, Difficulty

Mt. Binacayan
Another famous mountain in Rodriguez, Rizal is Mt. Binacayan, a small but tiring to hike because of its terrain. Though, separated by Wawa River from Mt. Pamitinan, they almost have the same features in terms of the difficulty and trails types. There are fruit bearing trees, shrubs that bloom like ornaments, and the lullabies from birds can be heard. You will be certified as a "revel in trekking" because of the rock climbing and scrambling on the boulders and limestone cliffs with sharp edges.

The Trails | Things To Remember
Getting on the summit will certainly be a half of fun because of the things that you will see and experience. First part was walking on the trail passing by the resident’s houses and some farmlands. The trail has a combination of easy, moderate and difficult type. The terrain is surrounded with plants like bananas, flowers and vegetables cultivated by the locals. There are open areas, perfect spot to see the beauty of the nearby barrangays. REMINDER:  Please consider the season before hiking. The trail has a sticky mud if its raining while dusty during sunny. Gloves is highly recommend because of the sharp edges.

There's a Gorgeous View on the Summit
After the challenging ascent, once you reached the summit, your soared muscles will be relaxed because the wind is cool and the area is surrounded by gorgeous sceneries. Of course, there is an amazing 360 degrees view of Rizal, Bulacan and the ranges of the Sierra Madre. Not only that, the artistic rock formation of the boulders and limestones are picture perfect. After the relaxing scene on the summit, descending is another challenge. The gravity will really pull you down. Ito lang ang masasabi ko: “Mag-ingat kayo, mahirap ma-fall, lalo-lalong kung nag-eexpect na may sasalo sayo.”

Aside from Bernardo Carpio’s folklore in the area, Rizal is also famous for its huge limestone boulders in different shapes and figures which are really picture perfect. Wawa Dam added an extra flavour to visitors because of its crystal clear water. Initially, this Dam was created by the American soldiers to harness hydrothermal energy and supply water to the Metro. Today, Wawa Dam provides cool water that replenishes tired muscles this summer season.

Side Trip to Wawa Dam | Special Feature
After the tiring hike, you can take a break by dipping in the cool water of Wawa Dam. During summer, the water is crystal clear and cool, perfect for soared muscles. The pressure of the water falling from the dike is soothing and relaxing.

HOW TO GET HERE: Beside Jollibee Farmers, Cubao, ride in a UV Express van and alight in Eastwood, not the Eastwood in Libis huh. In Eastwood, ride in a tricycle to Wawa Dam. Or, you can wait for jeepneys with "Wawa" signboard and alight in in DENR. REMINDER: Entrance fee, environmental fee, as well as the guide fees are to be collected at the DENR. Guide is a must.