Amandaraga Falls: Lawaan, Eastern Samar

Lawaan Eastern Samar tourist spots
Amandaraga Falls is the top tourist destinations in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. This majestic waterfall has an artistic rock formation on the side, the cool and pressure of the falling crystal clear water is the perfect for body massage. Not only that, the sound of the rushing waters preserves the tranquility with the help of the relaxing green surroundings - it is just breathtaking!

Day 4 – Solo-Backpacking in Region 8 | 6 Provinces for 6 Days

How to Get to Amandaraga Falls:

My Day 4 started at HIS Capsule Hostel; from there, I took a jeepney ride to “Downtown” and proceeded to the van and UV Express terminals to ask for their scheduled trip to Guian, Eastern Samar. It was sad because at 6 to 7 AM, I was still walking on the streets and was asking so many people what are the other options to travel to Guian, however, there was none. So, I rode in a tricycle and went to Duptours Terminal where I got a scheduled trip at 8 AM. Traveling from Tacloban to Lawaan was a bit challenging because of the zigzag and roads that are under construction. Using my Project NOAH App, I was able to monitor where to Alight (in front of Palawan Pawnshop) to meet Juijean.

By the way, before I proceeded to Lawaan, Eastern Samar, I already communicated with Lawaan Tourism Hub (on Facebook). They are very accommodating and all my questions about the trip were answer on Facebook. You can directly contact them for guide schedule.

What to Visit in Eastern Samar:

Tourist spots in Eastern Samar

Tourist spots in Samar
A River Crossing

The Trail to Amandaraga Falls

Hiking to Amandaraga Falls includes the trails that are covered and surrounded by trees, shrubs and vines. The first part was walking on the road (not concrete), passing by the residents houses. Then, there was a turn where the forested trail started. The trek is through a jungle trail, with the birds singing on the background and mosses hanging on the trees; a proof that Lawaan still has virgin mountain areas. By the way, there are fork trails created by the locals to use for transporting their goods from the mountain, therefore, a guide is necessary. It took us an hour to reach the majestic Amandaraga falls (in a fast pace) and another hour to descent.

Amandaraga Falls

Amandaraga Falls Lawaan

Ban-awan Falls
Amanjuray Falls

Eastern Samar Itinerary

Amandaraga Falls Itinerary

How to Go Back to Tacloban from Lawaan:

By the highway, there are vans and buses passing by. I rode in a UV Express van to Tacloban City, had my late lunch in Jollibee and went to Grant Tours Terminal for my travel to Naval, Biliran (where I spent overnight and is included in Day 5 itinerary). The last photos above are the actual itinerary and expenses, including my Lawaan, Eastern Samar trip. Amandaraga Falls is just one of the must visit destinations in Eastern Samar.

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