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Ganano Falls, Quirino Province: 2024 Travel Guide, Location, Hike

Ganano Falls
Trekking to Ganano Falls makes the event a bit extreme. The trails are surrounded by trees, shrubs, bamboo, and other greens so the trek was relaxing. Not only that, there are flowers and butterflies making our journey colorful. After an hour, we were rewarded with a tantalizing view of the waterfalls. The tranquillity is preserved because of the trees. There are gigantic rock formations and towering limestone cliffs. It’s a paradise.

Quirino Top 5 Best Places to Visit + Travel Guide

Quirino tourist spots
Quirino is the 81st of 82 provinces in the Philippines I’ve visited. Despite the fact that the province has 6 municipalities, it offers a lot when it comes to nature’s beauty and adventure. Since it’s land-locked, some of the best things to do are spelunk to discover the stunning minerals inside the caves, get wet on the crystal clear waters by river tubing, enjoy the beauty of majestic waterfalls, and taste their local delicacies. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VIDEO

Top 3 Best Tourist Spots in Casiguran, Aurora: 2024 Itinerary, Resorts

Aurora tourist spots
When we talk about Aurora Province, first thing that comes into your mind is Baler, the surfing capital of the North, but this province can actually offer a lot more. If you're looking for beaches, Casapsapan and Dulagan are just two of the must visit. Its shoreline has a long stretch of fine white sand mixed with corals, colorful stones, shells, and living creatures such as crabs. The coconuts and trees create an amazing landscape perfect for your photo shoot while the cool wind blowing. Of course, you can't resist the charm of the cool and crystal clear water. Let's not forget the beauty possessed by Bulawan and Dialang falls, also located in Casiguran.

Asik-Asik Falls, North Cotabato: Itinerary, Hike, Travel Guide

Asik-Asik Falls is the top tourist spot in North Cotabato. It is a spectacular-curtain-like waterfalls hiding in the mountainous area of Alamada. Its unique landscape and breathtaking beauty spread online which captured the eyes of the world. Who says "no" to its majestic walls covered with lush green vegetation, such as moss and ferns, highlighted by the hardwood trees and the clear blue skies. In between these hanging ornaments are cold and crystal clear rushing water naturally falling on a shallow rocky pool surrounded by artistic rocks and boulders. Such a perfect place to relax and distress.

Tinuy-An Falls, Surigao del Sur: Location, Hike, Helpful Tips

The Tinuy-an Falls is the top tourist attraction in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. It is a huge waterfall with cool and crystal clear waters and is surrounded by greens that create the area a gorgeous and relaxing landscape. The ambiance is so cool, with the fresh air blowing. By the way, most part of the waterfalls are accessible, including the pool area. Water rafts, with a guide, can be rented.

Bolinao Falls 3, Pangasinan: 2024 Travel Guide, Itinerary, Tourist Spots

Bolinao Falls 3
BOLINAO FALLS 3 must be included in your list to visit in Bolinao. Its pool perimeter is longer and wider than the other falls in the area, so it is perfect for photo ops. Though passing the rough road was a bit challenging, you will be rewarded with a wide open area surrounded by greens, landscaped with cottages. The breeze is fresh and cool. Such an Instagram worthy place! By the way, it is a few minutes travel from the falls 1. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG

Bolinao Falls 1, Pangasinan: 2024 Travel Guide, Itinerary, Tourist Spots

Bolinao Falls 1
BOLINAO FALLS 1 is a spectacular waterfalls in the middle of woods. It is always part of the itinerary of operated tours in the province because of its amazing landscape and relaxing ambiance. The cool blue green water is perfect for tired muscles. But, to reach this spot, visitors need to walk on a concrete stair with more than 50 steps, I think. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG

Top 5 Best Tourist Spots in Bolinao, Pangasinan: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Travel Guide

1. Patar Beach

Patar Beach is definitely the top tourist spot in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Why not, the shoreline has a long stretch of fine white sand landscaped by greens and cottages on the side. On the other hand, the horizon that separates the crystal clear water and emerald seas from the blue sky is just an addition to the beautiful picturesque of the beach. The relaxing ambiance is preserved which can make your day a lazy-sunny day.

Top 6 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Sur: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. Britania Islands

These stunning islets are situated in the municipality of San Agustin. Composed of Hagonoy  (photo above), Naked, Boslon, and Hiyor-Hiyoran islands, these islets have the same features, there's a white sand shoreline surrounded by crystal clear and emerald waters, artistic rock and limestone formations, there's a big picture of a golden and beautiful sunset. Plus, there's a wealthy flora and fauna underwater.


Today, just noticed that the weather is changing from cool to a warm humid air - a proof that summer is almost here. To help you, I listed 14 best and must visit and destinations in the Philippines. First, the world famous Boracay Island. It is listed as one of the best beaches in the world according to the travel agencies, websites, blogs, magazines and other people’s reviews. The shoreline has fine white sand, the waters are crystal clear, cool and fresh air and there's a lot of activities to choose from. READ: BORACAY ISLAND GUIDE | 

Top 2 Best Biliran Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Biliran Tourist Spots
Biliran has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations to offer. Ulan-Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls are two of the famous and majestic waterfalls hiding in the mountains of the province. Naval, its capital, is now highly urbanized making it easy for travelers to discover and experience what they have. Since it has a lot of mountainous areas, the magnificence of nature is still waiting to be discovered. Not only that, they also have stunning beaches, great products, and friendly people.

Kaparkan Falls, Abra: Location, History, Entrance Fee

Social media sites and travel blogs helped Kaparkan Falls to be one of the top destinations in the North. It is situated in the Municipality of Tineg, Province of Abra, part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Traveling from Manila to Bangued, the capital of Abra, is more than 8 hours. Plus, another 2 -3 hours off-road to Sitio Kaparkan - the jump-off of Kaparkan Falls. As I always say: "time is just a number" but the reward will be a breathtaking and a stunning body of water - the majestic Kaparkan Falls! CLICK TO WATCH MY KAPARKAN FALLS VLOG 

Bega Falls, Agusan del Sur: Location, Hike, Entrance Fee

The Bega Falls is the newest tourist destinations in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. Its name is derived from a local word "Bega" which literally translates to "flirt" in English. According to the local folk story, the area is the home of the mystical women. One that is sure, Bega falls is picture perfect because of its a majestic landscape. From the crystal clear waters free flowing from the towering limestone cliffs carpeted with ferns and mosses. The strong water pressure created a natural pool at the base that serves as a swimming pool.

Mimbalot Falls, Iligan City: 2024 Travel Guide

Mimbalot Falls
Travelling to Mimbalot Falls is easy as it is the most accessible waterfall in Iligan City. It is not grand compared to Tinago Falls but its landscape is also picture-perfect. The area is surrounded by greens and the wind blowing is cool and fresh. In addition to the picture is the rock formation that adds more drama to the frame. Anyways, the water is cool and fresh plus the current is very strong. Rainbows are formed when the sunshine reflects on the droplets of water. The sound of the waterfalls is relaxing and can make your day a "lazy day." Beside Mimbalot is a private resort with a pool and beautiful landscape, perfect for family gatherings.

Tinago Falls, Iligan City: 2024 Travel Guide, Location, Entrance Fee

Tinago Falls Iligan
Tinago Falls is the top tourist attraction in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Its name literally translates to "hidden" in English,. This majestic waterfall captured the attention of travellers worldwide because of its grandeur. The crystal clear and cool water falling by the walls of the artistic rock formation creates a world-class picturesque - such picture-perfect landscape. On the other hand, the area is surrounded by greens that help in preserving the tranquillity and relaxing atmosphere.

Davao de Oro (Compostela Valley) Top Tourist Spot

Upon research, I discovered that the province of Compostela Valley (Davao de Oro) became the second richest province in the Philippines in 2017 according to the Commission on Audit. Why not, aside from the local business establishments, they are the largest producers of gold (Oro) in the country, they have a lot of silver mines and banana plantations. Aside from these, they also hide something very precious - the majestic Awao Falls.

Pulang Bato Falls, Negros Oriental: A Complete Backpacker Guide

Pulang Bato Falls
Pulang Bato Falls is one of the top tourist spots in Valencia, Negros Oriental. It is a 30 feet waterfalls with a unique picturesque because the limestone walls by the water is covered with red due to sulfur deposits. By the way, its name literally translates to "red rock" in English. This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful landscape, including the man-made hanging bridge and colorful ornaments.

Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor: A Backpacker Guide

Cambugahay Falls
The Cambugahay Falls is the top tourist attraction in Lazi, Siquijor. It is a 3-tiered waterfall with a free flowing cool and crystal clear waters. The area is surrounded with luscious greens that create a relaxing ambiance. If you want a thrilling experience, why not try the prominent "tarzan swing." Get a water massage! Water raft can be rented, with a local, to go to the spot where the waters are falling. Brace yourself because the sound of the rushing water will make your day a lazy day. Also, locals are great photographers.

Tappiya Falls, Banaue, Ifugao - a Travel Guide

Tappiya Falls
In the middle of the mountains of Ifugao, we found a hidden gem called Tappiya Falls situated in "Batad," a secluded village in Banaue. Getting to this majestic beauty includes 7 to 12 hours land travel and 2 hours trekking. It's a bit challenging but you will be rewarded with a breathtaking landscape that can only be found in this region, including the world famous Batad Rice Terraces. Not just artistic in creating the terraces, the people of Batad also know how to value and preserve whatever their ancestors left, such as their rituals.


Project 81
Aim for 81 is my personal agenda for the next few years; other's call it Project81 or Project81PH. Its main purpose is to save money to be used for visiting and discovering the hidden treasures in 81 Provinces in the Philippines. I totally understand that it will not be as easy as my previous backpacking but, I know, I CAN DO IT! As of August 2020, I have 6 remaining in Luzon, done with all the provinces in the Visayas and one remaining in Mindanao.