Borawan Island: Quezon Province

borawan island 2019
Borawan Island is a small islet is located in Padre Burgos, Quezon, Philippines.  According to the caretaker I spoke to, the name of the islet was given by Father Vargas who discovered the islet.  This islet is made up of a large stone in irregular shape, covered with grass and trees.

Orchids Resort | Cheapest Resort in Boracay

Orchids Resort
At first, when I booked my flight, with the promo sale, I was hesitant for this trip because I am not sure yet for my schedule and my budget.  But, just a week before my trip, I used my facebook account and asked my friends for the cheapest resort in Boracay Island. My original plan was to walk along the streets of Kalibo, Aklan, but when a friend gave me her friend's number who works in a resort at Boracay, I changed my original plan, it became backpacking to Boracay.

Commute to NAIA Terminal

Cebu Pacific check In Counters
Our airplanes are the flag carrier of the Philippines and the airports serve as the main gate where locals and tourists checks in and out. These places should have extensive security protocols to protect thousands of people. Ninoy Aquino International Airport is one of the famous gates in the country. For few months now, NAIA staffs have been facing different issues. Let’s not talk about it!

How can we get to this airport? No worries, I will share to you on how I reached this airport (NAIA Terminal 3 & 4) by commuting. It will be applicable only to those people without check-in baggage or luggage. Read my story here why:

Backpacking to Boracay Island

NAIA Terminal 3

From the Metro going to NAIA Terminal by commute, read here: Commute to NAIA Terminal.
Beside Kalibo International Airport, there are different modes of transportation that you can choose to Boracay Island, via Jetty Port.  In backpacking, what I suggest, always ask the guards on duty or sales lady at the airport if where you can take public utility vehicles. In Kalibo, buses and vans bound for Jetty Port can be found near the main entrance of the airport.

Traveling to the Finest Boracay Island

Boracay Island
Boracay Island is one of the best beaches in the world, well that’s according to the travel agencies, websites, blogs, magazines and other people’s reviews which I totally agree. The fine and white sand by the shoreline can be compared to a fine table salt; others would say that it’s like a baby powder.  The cool, pristine and crystalline water is really adorable that mirrors the gorgeous clouds from the sky. The reflection is like a painting of Michelangelo, as the blue water and skies forming a golden horizon by the dawn.

ROMBLON | Revisiting my Hometown

Mountain Spring Resort
Mountain Spring Resort is located in Brgy. Rizal, Odiongan, Tablas Island, Province of Romblon, Philippines. It is one of the top resorts in the town of Odiongan that has an amazing ambiance. Covered with green flowering plants and trees that is really refreshing to everyone’s eyes. The cool wind that blows the branches and leaves creates relaxing sounds.

Pinagrealan Cave and Lioness Rock Formation

Pinagrealan Cave
Pinagrealan Cave or Kweba ng Pinagrealan ay unang tinawag na Kweba ng Minuyan na matatagpuan sa paanan ng Bundok ng Sierra Madre na sakop ng Norzagaray, Bulacan. Ito ay ginawang Kampamento ng mga Rebolusyunaryong Pilipino, sa pangunguna ni Heneral Sinforoso dela Cruz. Ito ay naging pangunahing kuta at tanggulan ng mga manghihimagsik nang taong 1896-1897.

The Historical Biak na Bato National Park

Madlum River
This bridge serves as the connection to certain parts of Biak na Bato National Park. Balaong and Madlum rivers are both located in this national park. The local government built a river wall in each side of the river to protect the soil from soil erosion. The trail going to each highlights are cemented for protections. In this park, three caves can be found. These caves were used by the Katipuneros during the Spanish Colonial lead by Emilio Aguinaldo.

Trekking and Caving on Mt. Manalmon

Mt. Manalmon
At the office, we were talking about child stars of the 80’s and Google brought us to Julie Vega and mysterious stories behind her death. One of these reasons is the strange paranormal encounter while shooting for a movie. So, we searched online and it brought us to the said shooting location – Manalmon in Bulacan. Looked on Google Images and we found this place interesting.

Aguinaldo Cave | Where the Peace Treaty was signed

Emilio Aguinaldo Office
The Aguinaldo Cave is the most notable among other caves of Biak na Bato National Shrine.  It is the cave where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo once took refuge while leading the resistance movement against the Spanish and American colonizers.  It is believed that this cave was the La Mesa de Aguinaldo, the table which Aguinaldo signed the historic Peace Treaty.

This is a long narrow cave which contains different secret chambers.  According to history, the enemy has to literally crawl through the low portal and would ran smack against the waiting defenses of Aguinaldo's men. Today, tourists can enjoy the cool and fresh water flowing from this historical cave.  The stalactites and stalagmites formed different hues, sizes and even images. 

More of the Heritage and Historical sites in Bulacan? Continue Reading >>>

Old Train Station in Guiguinto, Bulacan

Guiguinto Bulacan
Built in 1661, the Estacion de Guiguinto (Guiguinto Train Station) is the towns most acclaimed historical landmark and heritage site.  It was upon this that the Katipuneros (Filipino guerillas during the Spanish Regime) ambushed a train from Dagupan, killing six friars, including the parish friar of Guiguinto, Fr. Leocadio Sanchez, and the Spanish doctor. The incident inspired Severino Reyes to author the novel "Opera Wlang Sugar" which was later made into a movie entitled "Walang Sugat." - source: 

The 414 Years Old Plaridel Church

Plaridel Church
Plaridel Church or Quingua Church is under the patronage of Saint James the Apostle. This Gorgeous structure is now 414 years old.  The people in this area, with the help of the local government, are preserving it's historical value.  Around 1581 when this church was established.  During the British occupation (1762-1763)  this church was the place where the money and jewels of San Agustin in Intramuros, Manila were kept. 

Malolos Cathedral and the Malolos Republic

Malolos Cathedral
Malolos Cathedral or the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is one of the historical churches in the Philippines, located in Malolos City, Province of Bulacan. The construction of this church started in 1814 and was finished in 1817, under Fray. Melchor Fernández. Like many of the other century old churches in the country, Malolos Cathedral was also damaged by earthquakes.

Casa Real Shrine Stores the History of Bulacan

Heritage Sites in Bulacan
Casa Real Shrine is one of the tourist spots in Malolos City, Bulacan. It was built in 1580, became the town’s Casa Tribunal, Ayuntamiento, and Casa Presidencia Municipal and was the residence and Office of the Gobernadorcillo during the Spanish time.  It was the site of the Imprenta Nacional of the First Republic, where the revolutionary organs La Independencia, El Heraldo de la Revolucion, Kalayaan and Kaibigan ng Bayan were printed., the printing press of the 1896 Constitution and the Heraldo de Revolucion.

Bulacan Provincial Capitol

Tourist spots in bulacan
This is the place where the government institutions/offices can be found.  It is also the place where you can find the office of the most powerful man in the government of the province of Bulacan.  It is also where the compound of the leading university in the province. Look at this statue in Bulacan Capitol Compound, looks amazing and the design? Look at the that.

Barasoain Church and the Malolos Republic

2019 Barasoain Church photos
Barasoain Church is also known as (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish), a Roman Catholic church built in 1630 in Malolos City, Bulacan. This church housed the revolutionary congress inaugurated on September 15, 1898,  Pedro A. Paterno was the President. It was here, that the congress, among other measures discussed and approved the Malolos Constitution.

The Buried Bacolor Church: Pampanga

bacolor church
Bacolor Church or the San Guillermo Church in Pampanga is considered as the Cagsawa of the North. More then twenty years ago, Mt. Pinatubo erupted and many municipalities were left devastated, including Bacolor, Pampanga. This church was built in 1576 and was named after Bacolor's patron saint San Guillermo Ermitaño. Destroyed by earthquakes and fire then was rebuilt in 1886.

Morong Church and its Old Looking Facade

Morong Church
Morong Church or Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church is more than 400 years old, after being established in 1607 and is one of the oldest churches in Bataan. It structure was made from Coral stones, erected by the people of Morong under the Spanish Colonizer ruled the province.

The Sound of Las Piñas Bamboo Organ

2019 las pinas bamboo organ
If I am not mistaken, Las Pinas Bamboo Organ was our topic when I was a fourth grader, in Sibika at Kultura. Since this topic is interesting, the history of Las Pinas Bamboo Organ remains fresh in my memory, even I am now in my 20-ish years. So, when Claire, of Travelling Light, invited me for her birthday celebration, I immediately said YES. This organ is part of our itinerary, I am sorry Claire, but the Bamboo Organ is the subject, just kidding! 

Miss ROMBLON for Miss Tourism Philippines

Miss Tourism Philippines 2016 Contestants
Another Romblomanon beauty will compete for one of the biggest beauty titles in the country – the Miss Tourism Philippines 2016. She is Donna Maestro, 25 years old and a descent of Romblon, Romblon, but recently moved to Calatrava, Tablas Island, Province of Romblon.

Live with the King

Huawei Nexus 6P
I am just new in blogging world, but I know what I need to sustain this tough job. Maintaining this travel blog is not easy as eating peanuts, because promoting the beautiful places across the country needs a new generation technology with superb camera quality, fast and latest processor, stunningly clear screen, battery that can last longer than the other brands, universal ports for media transfer,  and has a sleek and gorgeous design. Let's proceed to the 5 Best Features of Huawei Nexus 6P:

Miss Philippines Earth Romblon 2016

Miss Earth 2016
I found love with nature and I found happiness with beauty pageants, combining these two and it's Miss Earth. Meeting Kattline Joy Eranes, from Looc, Romblon, the reigning Miss Philippines Earth Romblon 2016 and Jun Cortez Fradejas, owner of RCF Productions was an unexpected, after seven years. Initially, it was a long chit chat and in the end, I was invited to join them for a shoot For a Cause. Photos below will describe Kattline's advocacy in the society. By the way, Kattline is now one of the Official candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2016.

Kanidugan Festival 2016 | Romblon

Kanidugan Festival 2016
Kanidugan Festival (Coconut Festival derived from a word “Nidog” or Niyog in Filipino or Coconut in English) it’s an annual festival celebrated in the month of April, foundation day of Odiongan and to honour Saint Vincent Ferrer (the patron saint of Odiongan, Romblon.) Photos below were taken during the parade and ground demonstration in OSCES open ground.