Mindanao | Discovering its Paradise

Mindanao Tourist Spots
Mindanao is second largest island, composed of 27 provinces, and situated in the southern part of the Philippine Archipelago. Since I was a young boy, if I hear Mindanao, my mind automatically gives negative description: such as fear, battle, chaos, abduction, NPA, MILF, MNLF, political problem and etc. No one taught me those but news coverage is a huge factor.

When I started hiking and traveling, I met different people. These people have their own beliefs and religion that are totally different with mine. Instead of separating myself from these individuals, I practiced and learned how to understand situations, broaden my mind and value others principles making my first impression with Mindanao to “change.”

After reading its history, stories and saw photos taken from different spots in Mindanao, every time I hear the word Mindanao, it easily gives me eagerness and energy to discover what’s really in there. I believe this place has few hidden paradise waiting for me. No fear, no more! Let us make changes!

Independence 2017
Got a new plan, instead of being frightened with Mindanao, I want to obtain evidence that what majority think is totally different with the reality. I want to change the fear to love by dealing with our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, regardless of their race, beliefs, culture and especially religion.

I am now eyeing for sponsors to accomplish this plan. 
Never stop exploring. Let us make Changes.
Today, let US celebrate for our Freedom