Places to Visit in Cavite

Cavite Tourist Attractions
Cavite is one of the most accessible provinces in southern Luzon, two to three hours travel from Metro Manila. It contributed a lot to Philippine history and few of the standing witnesses are those historical sites in Kawit and other parts of the province. Aside from those historical sites, if you’re into nature, don’t worry Cavite also has few. Here are some of the tourist attractions and destinations in Cavite.

First, is the fine white sand beach (photo above) situated at the compound of Marines Headquarters. The area is attractive because of its crystal clear waters, the shadows of the trees added gorgeous landscape and to a cool ambiance, well not just because of the gentlemen in uniform residing here.

Cavite Tourist Destinations
Mt. Marami is one of the mountains in the province of Cavite. It is one of the hiking destinations in the province because of its trail and the slopes that added an amazing scenery. Since this mountain is covered with relaxing greens because of the grass, trees and flowers, the wind fresher and colder, especially during night time. The well-known Silyang Bato on the summit is a must visit. More photos during our hike on Mt. Marami, Click Here >>>

Cavite Tourist Spots
Mt. Pico de Loro is one of the top tourist spots in Cavite. It is really prominent in mountaineering world because of its features and also considered as a beginner friendly. On the trail, hikers can easily recognize the flowers blooming while hanging on the trees, the birds singing lullabies are remarkable and the mood on the trail is really calm. About its feature, Pico de Loro has a monolith or a huge vertical rock (photo above – boulder on the left of the summit) and to be able to reach the platform on top, hikers need to be a rock climber for few minutes. More photos during our hike on Mt. Pico de Loro, Click Here >>>