Faces of Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo
 Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, 2,956 MASL. It was a tough journey, but absolutely a life changing experience for us. Despite of its technical factors like the assault and steep trails, extreme coldness, tiring hike and etc. that measured my strength, I was able to conquer my own fears. It's hard to tell and explain, so these photos below will explain more.

Mt. Apo Itinerary

Tourist Spots in Davao
Just on the first part, still at the farmlands of the residents, the area is surrounded by luscious and relaxing greens, the plants on the ground and the trees has a magnificent shadows on the background - such a breathtaking beauty.

Mt. Apo Trail
 The trails of Mt. Apo is really long, but the quality is the combination of simple to hard trail type.

Trail Foods
 This is how we eat our trail foods and lunch on the trail.

Filipino Mountaineers
Camp 1 - Tinikaran Camp Site

Mt. Apo Watersource
 The water source near Tinikaran Camp. Second Day

Hiking Gears
 Trail type on the second day. Appropriate hiking gears are necessary.

Best Hiking Shoes
Color Combination at the Sulfur Vents. Second day. 11:30 AM

Sunglass for Outdoors
 My stolen shot.

Pants for Hiking

Best Hiking Backpack

Salomon Shoes
 Greece inspired walls.

Mt. Guiting Guiting
 Continued Assault on the boulders. Second Day.

Hiking Outfit

 Waterproofing at the White Sand area, before the assault.

Best Tent for Hiking
 Summit Camp. Third Day.

Best Waterprof Jacket
Temperature on the summit camp is outrageous. I know it's hard to compare but it's cooler than Mt. Pulag's. The strong cold wind mixed with rain drops made our night feel like it was longer than the usual. The area has beautiful landscape, rich in  bio-diversity of flora and fauna, a proof that Mt. Apo still has a healthy forest areas.

Mt. Apo Summit
The summit of Mt. Apo has a combination of super steep and slippery trails, covered with grass and shrubs. The limestone and rock formations seems to be artistic from afar and there's a 360 degrees view of the province - well not on this exact time that this photo was captured, the area is covered with thick fog.

Best Columbia Shoes
 The romantic view of Lake Venado. Third Day.

Samal Island
After the three days adventure on the trails of Mt. Apo, our side trip was at one of the gorgeous Samal Islands. Talicud Island is a smaller island situated at the back side of Island Garden of Samal or literally ‘sa likod.’ This is one of the island paradise in Davao del Norte that bears fine beaches with crystal clear water, fine white sand, colorful underwater creatures and hospitality from the locals.