Mt. Pico de Loro
Mt. Pico de Loro is also known as Mt.  Palay-palay located in Ternate, Cavite. Its name was given by the Spanish  sea-fairer because it looks like a ‘parrot’s beak’ from afar. This mountain has a combination of beauty and trekking adventure. It has a lot to offer in terms of natural  beauty and richness. There are birds singing, colorful flowering plants on the ground, orchids hanging on the branches, bananas, and fruit bearing trees like coconuts and mangoes. Reaching the top of the Monolith or the Parrot's Beak is a must tried because it will measure your fear and agility.

THE TRAILS: From DENR, it’s a moderate ascent and the terrains are covered with hard wood and fruit bearing trees while shrubs and grasses are on each sides. I can say the trail is well-established, but there are fork trails that might  confuse anyone, especially if hikers prefer a night trek. Trail marks on the trees and branches are visible and they are  accurate. Hikers need to prepare for the 75-80  degrees ascent.

SPECIAL FEATURE, THE WATERFALLS: Before enjoying the beauty on Mt. Pico de Loro's summit, there’s a water falls that can replenish your  tired muscles, your choice either before you continue ascent or descent. The trail to the waterfalls is out of way towards the summit but trail marks can be seen guiding hikers to its exact location.

THE CAMPSITE AND THE SUMMIT: Pico has an  open and wide space that can handle more than 20  tents at the same time. This space is situated by the  cliff and bamboos on the other side; it has a perfect view of the summit and the  monolith. The ambiance is cool because of the sea breeze and the air is fresher. The surrounding is also refreshing because it is covered with grass and trees. On the summit, this mountain has a 360 degrees view of the nearby provinces.  There's also a big picture of the stunning crystal blue waters.

Mt. Pico de Loro
THE MONOLITH: As what I have mentioned earlier, this mountain has a prominent feature, they call it the parrot's peak or the monolith. It’s a huge and towering vertical stone perched on the side of mountain which has its own platform on the top. Hikers would need to do wall  climbing up to the top. For those people looking for something unique and thrill, some organizers added rappelling on this part. It is definitely a must try before leaving Mt. Pico de Loro.

After hiking, perfect side trip and a recommended tourist spot in Cavite is the Philippine Marines Headquarter. You are correct, it's the place where our strong marines stay. The beach here has fine white sand with cottages, souvenir shops, videoke, and a shower area. This headquarter is open for the public until 12 midnight. 

HOW TO GET HERE: At the Coastal Provincial Bus Terminal, we rode in a bus bound for Ternate/Maragondon at alighted in Jetti Gas Station, by the highway. Then, we chartered a jeepney to DENR, for  registration, passing on the magnetic highway in  Ternate. Just so you know | On the downhill part, our driver  switched off the engine of the jeepney, but instead of forward, since it was downhill, it moved backward. So amazing right?

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