Baluarte de San Diego 2020
This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros and Baluarte de San Diego was my last destination. From Manila Cathedral, I used Google Map to locate the exact location of Baluarte de San Diego, didn't think that I already  passed by its gate during my previous visit. Anyway, I planned to visit this side of the walled city but due to its entrance fee and I am in a financial hardship status, this plan didn't pushed through. But today, finally made it!

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When I entered the gate, I easily noticed that the area was busy. A lot of visitors were taking photos, having picnic, others were playing, others were eating and the other activities. Because this day is special there's free entrance and activity, stores, arts, and food vendors. The ground is covered with well maintained grass with bricks and artistic rocks on the pathways. The old cannon displayed by the entrance captured my attention because of its unique appearance.

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In this baluarte is the oldest stone fort in Manila. Built in 1586 it was called the Nuestra Senora de Guia. Designed by Jesuit priest Antonio Sedeno. Fell into disrepair and renovated in 1593. Incorporated as part of the walls but later abandoned due to its unstable foundations.

New baluarte constructed with orillons (curved corners) masking cannons on the flanks. Destroyed during the British invasion in 1762. Repaired and renovated in 1764. American Army  ordinance section built on site during American occupation. Destroyed during World War 2 and is now a major tourist attraction of the Walled City.

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I was just curious about the year (photo above) on the bricks used to build the walls. Not sure if it's 1981 or 1861. I think it's the same bricks used to build the centuries old train stations from Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga. Check my post: Guiguinto Old Train Station in Bulacan (click here). One thing  that I am sure, it's older than me!

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Before leaving Baluarte de San Diego here's my selfie. It was a tiring day but I enjoyed it, a lot! During my visit, I was thinking that it would rain but good thing it didn't happen. The sky was covered with cumulus clouds with the cool wind blowing. I was sitting on one side of the wall facing Manila Hotel and had my "me time" again while starring at the people playing golf from afar; that's what I like in solo-backpacking. If you're planning to visit Intramuros, you have to allot a whole day, in the morning up to the beauty of the lights in the evening. You can start from Luneta or Rizal Park, Philippine National Museum and it's a walking distance to Intramuros.