Top 6 Tourist Spots in Tawi-Tawi + Guide

Tawi-Tawi Tourist Spots
For me, the Province of Tawi-Tawi is the hardest province to penetrate because of its geographical location. Not only that, it is always associated with "war" and most of the time, being judged and considered as "unsafe" for travelers, WHICH I DISAGREE! Bongao is the busiest municipality in the province but has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations that are just waiting to be recognized.

Best Places to Visit and Suggested Activities in Tawi-Tawi:

1. At the port, get your camera and capture the children coin diver.

Same as with the other ports, some children would ask the people in the ship to drop a coin and they will dive to get it. Photo above was taken before getting off the ship.

2. Visit Bolobok Cave and enjoy the relaxing view by the beach. 

During our visit, together with Ian Miller, we were unable to enter Bolobok Cave because of the high tide. We only entered the mouth but wasn't able to go deeper due to strong water current. The area at Bolobok Beach is relaxing because it is surrounded by greens, such as trees and coconuts, and the cool sea breeze make it more adorable.

Balobok Rock Shelter - a prehistoric site in the southern frontier of the Philippines.

3. Visit the Provincial Capitol.

The provincial capitol is situated on a higher spot, which means that there's a clear view of the nearby municipalities and islands. Before sunset, this place serves as a park where lovers and families can date, students can study, and dancers can practice.

4. Trek the sacred Bud Bongao and enjoy the stunning views.

It is one of the top tourist destinations and YES, it is sacred and serves as a pilgrimage site for our Muslim brothers and sisters. The trail to the summit is an assault, though, it is concrete and with railings. Monkeys are on every side of the trail, so, take care of your belongings and don't panic.

On the view deck, there's a clear view of the nearby island municipalities and the resident's houses, with a cold wind blowing.

How to Get Here:

Bought a ticket bound for at Aleson Shipping Lines. FARE: 1,100 Pesos. ETD Zambonga City: 6:48 PM, ETA Bongao: 12:20 PM (the next day). NOTE: The port entrance is situated on the left side of BPI near Zamboanga City Hall. For Aleson schedule, please visit Aleson Shipping Lines facebook page.

Contact Person and Tour Guide in Bongao:

I highly recommend Shiela, who can be reached on 09068329816. She is very friendly and accommodating. She has a great talent in cooking - ANSARAP NYA MAG-LUTO PROMISE!!! She has a room for tourist accommodation and she can arrange a boat to Panampangan Island - which has the longest sandbar in the Philippines.


Kuya Hotels and Restaurant (at the port), Rachel's Place, Beachside Inn Hotel and Restaurant, Sandbar Lepa and Restaurant. READ: Solo-Backpacking in ZamBaSulTa, Zamboanga Provinces and Misamis Occidental.