Lussok Crystal Cave, Apayao (Tourist Spots + Travel Guide)

Lussok Crystal Cave
Lussok Cave is one of the prides of Apayao and the Cordillera region. This cave is composed of four chambers, with artistic limestone formations. Not only that, Lussok offers a remarkable caving experience because of the spectacular sceneries that can only be seen on the small caverns. Also, did you know that the countless bats residing inside Lussok produces the most expenssive fertilizer called "guano?" With our Lussok cave experience, I learned that motto: "kapag ang pumatak sayo malamig, that's Holy water, but if it's warm, that's holy sh_t."

Itinerary & Backpacking Guide: Description, History, and Other Things You Need to Know.

Just to let you know, during our backpacking, LET was held in Turguegararao City and most of the hotels were fully booked, including Hotel Joselina. We checked a few of the hotels nearby but no available room. It was unexpected! Different ideas and a lot of options were planned if we can't find a room. I thought it was just the problem, however, early in the morning, Japs, my roommate, had a unforeseen circumstance - it was health issue! #matandanasijaps

Instead of forcing himself, given the fact that our itinerary was caving in Apayao, he made his decision not to continue. It was sad, but, our journey must go on.  Henry and Camille were done with their itinerary but Japs joined them and headed back to  Manila.  To continue,  I, Charles and Ria packed our things up proceeded to the hotel reception. Upon checking out, we were informed that a fan room was available. So, we booked that room and headed back upstairs and repacked! Bringing our stuff inside our dry bags, we headed to McDo nearby for breakfast.

From McDo, we rode in a tricycle to a UV Express terminal bound for Claveria. After our Cagayan adventure, our third day, we headed to Apayao, its neighbor province. Then, rode in an FX and alighted in Junction Luna. Travel Time was 3-4 hours. At Junction Luna, we chartered a tricycle to Lussok Cave. Click the link below for the list of expenses and complete itinerary.

Good thing that the tricycle driver resides in the area, thus, he knows pretty much everything. It was noon time and the sun light strikes on my skin. After getting off the trike, we headed to the tourism office reception area. Met our boatman and our guide - the alright guy. Settled the fees, left our stuff at the reception and brought our camera and phones in the cave.

1. Lussok Crystal Cave

The first part was a boat ride with our boat man rowing while the guide keeps on talking, and talking, and talking. The water on the river was clear and area has a relaxing ambiance because it is surrounded by greens and the wind is cool and fresh. This spot is definitely a sanctuary because it is rich in bio diversity of flora and fauna. The birds singing, the sound of the rushing water, and the wind blowing the leaves were harmonizing in my hears.

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As we moved and entered Lussok Cave, those harmonizing sounds disappeared and replaced by a distinct smell and a unique sound - yes, it was the smell and the sound of the bats residing inside Lussok. Plus, the sound of the water droplets were echo-ing inside the cave. The cave has a high ceiling, spacious and really dark. Our boatman kept on paddling for us to reach different chambers inside. The, the second part was getting off the boat and walking on the boulders. With the guides' instructions, we headed to the higher part of the cave. It was not simple!

Lussok Cave
The caving in Lussok has three options: simple, moderate and the hard. According to our guide, simple includes walking on the simple passages, moderate includes the simple passages plus the entering inside the small cavern, and the hard which includes the simple passages, the small cavern and rappelling.

Lussok cave has a lot inside, such as stalactites, stalagmites and columns in different shapes, form and colors. The appearance of the shape depends on how green your mind is. Speaking of which, one thing for sure, there's big, medium size, small, and curve. Of course, in different colors: there's black, white, brown and ma-mink-mink.

Like other caves, the usual problem is vandalism. There are parts in the cave where drawing and writings are visible. The crystalline that covers the limestone is the proof that Lussok cave is still preserved. It will not be hard for us to promote and to brag to others that this cave is a must visit tourist destination and attractions in the province of Apayao. If you're in Tuguegarao City, you can do a day tour in Lussok Cave.

After the exhilarating caving experience, the next part was walking on the jungle trail back to the tourism office. The downhill trails are well established, however, there are parts that are by the cliff. Then, passing on the hanging bridge and back to the river. Rested. Tidy up. At the tourism office, there are toilet and bath for visitors and sari-sari store selling food and beverages and souvenirs.

2. I Love Apayao signboard

Darwin Dalisay

3. Apayao Provincial Capitol.

While on our way back to Junction Luna, our trike driver asked me if it's our first time to be in Apayao. I instantly said: YES and at last, he started talking about the tourist spots in the area. He mentioned that they have a newly built sports complex. The sun was really hot and the wind was strong, without hesitation, I just answered: "sige kuya, daan nalang tayo, picture picture lang, tapos daan narin tayo sa kapitolyo, tapos ibaba mo nalang kami sa may pinaka-masarap na kainan sa junction." And we made it!

After the sumptuous lunch in Junction Luna, we rode in a UV Express van to Tuguegarao City. It was already dark when we arrived in the city, so we had our dinner at the carinderia near Robinson's before heading back to Hotel Joselina. Tidy up and rested. After Apayao, we headed to Ilagan City, Isabela.

Location, How to Get Here, Travel to Apayao

From Manila, ride on a bus to Tuguegarao City. Then, ride in a UV Express to Junction Luna. At junction Luna, a charter a trike to Lussok Cave.

Budget Friendly and Affordable Place to Stay

Star Jewel Lodge is prominent in the area. You can contact them on 09215603331 or you can contact them on their facebook account. They seldom respond due to weak reception in the area. You can also stay in Tuguegarao, then, a day in in Apayao.