Backpacking Guide and Tourist Spots in Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes

Albay Tourist Spots
To complete my Region 5 league, I made a backpacking itinerary for Albay, Sorsogon and Catanduanes Island. Initially, it was a solo backpacking, but Tin, my friend joined me. Traveling via land from Manila to this region can take 12 hours, a bit challenging, right? As I always say, time is just a number, in exchange, you'll be rewarded with the stunning tourist spots and destinations of Albay, Sorsogon and the province of Catanduanes. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY TRAVEL VLOGS

  Tourist Spots in Albay

8 PM, departed Manila to Legaspi City, Bus Fare: 1,036 Pesos.

DATE: May 16, 2019, Thursday

-> 9 AM, arrival at the terminal, SM Legaspi City, Albay
-> Rode in a tricycle to McDo, near the city plaza and Legaspi City Hall
-> Had a brunch at McDo
-> Checked in at Litas Lodge, just a walking distance from McDo. Rested and tidy up.
-> 11:10 AM travelled from McDo to Cagsawa Ruins, arrival at 11:30 AM
-> Chartered a trike tour: 500 pesos for 5 destinations
-> Explored Cagsawa Ruins and waited for Mt. Mayon clearing (negative)
-> Left Cagsawa Ruins at 12:16 PM. Arrived in Hoyop-hoyopan Cave at 12:20 PM
-> Settled Hoyop-hoyopan entrance fee, 150 pesos with guide
-> Explored Hoyop-hoyopan Cave
-> Left Hoyop-hoyopan Cave at 1:45 PM, arrived in Sumlang Lake at 2:10 PM, settled 25 pesos entrance fee
-> Explored Sumlang Lake and waited for Mt. Mayon clearing (negative)
-> While waiting, bought ice cream for 25 pesos
-> Left Sumlang Lake at 3:26 PM, arrived in Daraga Church at 4:06 PM, explored and photo ops
-> Left Daraga Church at 4 PM, arrived in Lignon Hill entrance at 4:20 PM
-> Had a buko break first prior ascending
-> Settled the entrance fee (25 pesos) and continued ascent on a concrete road.
-> Arrived on the view deck of Lignon Hill at 4:45 PM. Explored, photo ops and waited for Mt. Mayon clearing (negative)

Sorsogon Tourist Spots

DATE: May 17, 2019, Friday

-> Checked out early at Lita's Lodge and had a breakfast in McDo
-> Rode in a jeep from Mcdo to Shell Daraga, waited for bus bound with Bulan signboard
-> Bus left Daraga Shell at 6:30 AM. Alighted in Trice after 4 hours travel. Bus Fare: 160 pesos.
-> Rode in a tricycle from Trice to Bayan
-> Met Christian (bankero) Ph: 09261404577, walked to the tourism Office, entrance fee: 70 pesos
-> Rest room and bought water
-> Left Matnog Port at 10:19 AM, arrived in Juag Lagoon and Marine Fish Sanctuary at 10:40 AM
-> Arrived in Subic Beach at 11:20 AM. Explored the beach. Sun Bathing.
-> Banlaw in Matnog Port
-> Settled in boat rental (1,600 pesos). Kung gusto nyo ng trike tour to Bulusan Lake, you can contact Kuya Bonjing, Ph: 09382889012
-> Had a lunch in a Carinderia in Matnog.
-> Rode in a jeep from Matnog to Trice. Top load kami dahil super limited and byahe.
-> By the highway, rode in a bus from Trice to Legaspi City
-> Alighted at the terminal near SM. Had dinner at Mang Inasal, with unli rice.
-> Rode in a trike from SM to Mayon Backpackers Hotel.
-> Checked in at Mayon Backpackers Hotel Ph: 09202373398 (300 pesos per head for an overnight, dorm type)

Catanduanes Tourist Spots

DATE: May 18, 2019, Saturday

-> Checked out early at Mayon Backpackers Hotel. Walked to McDo using Google Maps.
-> Rode in a jeep to Daraga Shell
-> Tricycle to Cagsawa Ruins (our second attempt)
-> Paid Cagsawa Ruins entance fee: 20 pesos
-> Waited for the clearing of Mt. Mayon (still negative)
-> Walked from Cagsawa Ruins to the highway. By the highway, rode in a bus to Tabaco City. Bus Fare: 50 pesos
-> Arrived in Tabaco City at 7:37 AM. Alighted at Tabaco Port
-> Bought ferry ticket (Tabaco to San Andres): 230 pesos.
-> Left the port at 8 AM. Arrived in San Andres Port: 11:30 AM.
-> Chartered a trike from San Andres Port to Virac Port: 250 pesos. Arrived in Virac Port at 12 NN
-> By the port, rode in a van to Puraran Beach gate. Van Fare: 100 pesos
-> Lunch at the Carinderia. Rested. Enjoyed a view.
-> Talked to Kuya Arthur Ph: 09369373645 (trike driver to Binurong Point)
-> Settled the environmental fee at the Puraran Beach gate: 20 pesos
-> Hinatid kami pababa ng trike ni Kuya Arthur from the Carinderia to Puraran Surf Beach Resort.
-> Checked in at Puraran Surf Beach Resort for 450 pesos, overnight, fan room.
-> Tidy up. Rested. Relaxed for an hour.
-> Tour to Binurong Point at 3 PM. Sinundo kami ni Kuya Arthur sa resort.
-> Travel time was about 30 to 40 minutes.
-> Arrived at the jump off. Settled environmental fee: 20 pesos. Met Ate Ason, our guide
-> Start trek to Binurong Point, uphill and downhill for about 30 to 40 minutes.
-> Finally reached Binurong Point. Relax. Photo Ops at Points 1, 2 and 3.
-> It was about 4:30 PM when we headed back to the jump off.
-> Settled guide fee: 200 pesos.
-> Purchased souvenir. Sando 150 pesos and ref magnet for 50 pesos.
-> Our plan was to proceed to Balacay Point but it was already dark.
-> Instead, we had our dinner at the carinderia.
-> Bought Surf with Blossom Fresh "yung kulay pink" para labhan ang sando ko.
-> Hatid ulit ni Kuya Arthur to  Puraran Surf Beach Resort
-> Settled trike tour: 500 pesos. Again, Kuya Arthur can be contacted on Ph: 09369373645
-> Tidy up. Rested. Relaxed and had an ice cold Red Horse beer.
-> Rested.

DATE: May 19, 2019, Sunday
-> Tidy up and walked on the super uphill road to the Carinderia.
-> Had a breakfast.
-> After breakfast nag-panic na kami dahil fully booked and pabalik ng Manila
-> So, we decided to head back to Manila ASAP instead of Virac tour.
-> Pahatid ulit kami kay Kuya Arthur pababa ng Puraran Surf Beach Resort.
-> Tidy up. Packed. Checked out at 9 AM. Sinundo ulit kami ni Kuya Arthur.
-> Rode in a van to Virac Port: 100 pesos.
-> Fall in line at the ticketing office. Di ako umabot - fully booked.
-> #AmazingRace ang nangyari. Chartered a trike to San Andres Port: 300 pesos. Travel Time: 30 to 40 minutes.
-> Finally got our ferry tickets. Settled terminal ticket: 10 pesos.
-> Had a "lugaw" for our lunch. Ubus narin pa-laps na "kanin-ulam" sa port.
-> Boarded in the Ferry. Sobrang siksikan, as in!!!  Sobrang init pa!!!! Andaming passengerrs.
-> Arrived at Tabaco City Port. Rode on a padyak to Tabaco City Terminal
-> Had dinner at Terminal Carinderia
-> Same issue. A lot of passengers falling in line to get bus tickets to Manila. Wala kaming nakuha. There are buses but they were reserved. Hindi kami nag-give-up. Nag-hintay pa kami until 10:30 PM, a special bus trip to Turbina arrived #AmazingRace ulit. Takbo dito! Takbo doon. Fortunately, we were able to secure our seats.
-> Arrived in Turbina, Calamba City, Laguna at around 7 AM, the next day (Monday)
-> Had a breakfast at Jolibee
-> Then, rode in a bus to Cubao.

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