Lakes Pandin and Yambo

Pandin Lake
The province of Laguna has a healthy culture, stories, and travel destinations. Pandin Lake is just one of the seven lakes in the province that is certified tourist destination because of its unique and amazing picturesque. The lake, with the reflection of the skies, greets the visitors with its instagrammable landscape. The water is cool and crystal clear waters surrounded by forest which preserves the tranquility in the area. This is also the perfect jump off or side trip for hiking Mt. Mabilog. Pandin Lake is definitely one of the must visit tourist spots and destinations in San Pablo, Laguna.

Backpacking Guide, How to Get Here, and Other Things You Need to Know.

Must Tried Activities by the Lake

There are rafts, created by the locals, floating on the fresh water of Lake Pandin. If you're in group, you can rent the raft to enjoy and relax while floating on calm water. If your skin is not sensitive, you can jump into the water and enjoy the cool fresh water. Of course, after swimming, you will be starving? No worries, foods can be ordered from the locals. Wants something refreshing? You can also order halo-halo or fresh buko juice.

How To Get Here | Our Travel To Laguna

In Kamias, you can take a Jam liner bus bound for Lucena. Alight in 711 near San Pablo Church. Beside 711, ride in a jeepney bound for Nagcarlan or Liliw and alight in Pandin Lake entrance.