Baliuag Church, Bulacan

Baliuag Church
The gorgeous Baroque architectural design of the Baliuag Church or the Saint Augustine Parish Church is very outstanding from afar. We were still inside the tricycle traveling, when I noticed the stunning brownish-golden color of the massive bell tower. Though, the rear side is visible, for some reason, I was very positive that it's the church we're looking for.

According to the Spanish records, it was Fr. Juan de Albarran, OSA who was assigned as the parish priest of Baliuag Church in 1733, the year that the church was officially began. Then, between 1769 to 1774, the second church was built by Father Gregorio Giner. The structure of the church was completed in 1801. However, in 1863, the strongest earthquake damaged the church but was rebuilt in 1870.

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