Sulu Museum
Some of the works of Abdulmari Asia Imao, a National Artist for Sculpture.
The provincial museum of Sulu is a two-story building that houses the relics, documents, paintings and other historical memorabilia of Sulu. Previously, this building housed the Library of Sulu.What's interesting inside are the Chinese wares and documents such as the 1878 Land Lease Agreement between the sultanate of Sulu and British North Borneo Chartered Co.

The inhabitants of Jolo, Sulu.

The most controversial Lease Agreement between the Sultanate of Sulu and Borneo Island.

The provincial museum of Sulu is beside the capitol.

WHERE TO STAY AND CHEAP HOTEL IN JOLO,SULU: There are a few hotels in Jolo, Sulu. One of these is Sulu Peacekeepers In located inside Camp Asturias. For an overnight stay, I paid 950 pesos for a single bed, with aircon, tv and toilet and bath. This is the safest place because it is being run by a cooperative owned by the peacekeepers (uniformed personel). 

HOW TO GET HERE: In my case, from Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, I took a ferry to Jolo, Sulu. However, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have their daily trips to Zamboanga City International Airport. Then, a ferry ride from Zamboanga City Port to Bongao (9 hours travel time). For schedule of trips, you can check Aleson Shipping Lines's facebook page. READ: Solo-Backpacking in ZamBaSulTa, Zamboanga Provinces and Misamis Occidental.