Surigao del Sur (Tourist Spots, Travel Guide, Things you need to know)

Surigao del Sur tourist spots
Surigao del Sur has gorgeous tourist spots and promising destinations in Region 13. Here are 5 Things To Do in the province. ISLAND HOPPING ON BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS: These stunning islets are situated in the municipality of San Agustin. Composed of Hagonoy  (photo above), Naked, Boslon, and Hiyor-Hiyoran islands, these islets have the same features, there's a white sand shoreline surrounded by crystal clear and emerald waters, artistic rock and limestone formations, there's a big picture of a golden and beautiful sunset. Plus, there's a wealthy flora and fauna underwater.
VISIT TINUY-AN FALLS, THE NIAGARA FALLS OF THE PHILIPPINES: It is situated in Brgy. Barboanan and is accessible via motorcycle from Bislig City proper. This waterfall has a towering limestone cliff where the waters are falling. On the ground, there's a freshwater man made lake landscaped with trees, grass and flowers that preserve the relaxing ambiance. If you're searching for adventure, you can hike up to terraces of waters on top.

DIP IN THE COLD WATER OF LIBUACAN COLD SPRING | Situated in Tagbina, this spring bears a hidden beauty that nature possesses, perfect for summer destinations. It is a long river system where the cold spring water is flowing to the pool where the tourist can swim. The tranquillity is preserved because of the plants and the hardwood trees surrounding the area. Again, if you're looking for an extreme, tourists can climb on the trees by the river and jump into the water. Stores, parking area, toilet and bath are available in the area.

 BE AMAZED BY THE COLLECTION AT THE INTERNATIONAL DOLL HOUSE: If you're from Tinuy-an Falls and heading back to Bislig City proper, you can pass by this multi-million collection. Inside, you can see the precious and expensive dolls from different parts of the world. It is not limited to dolls, there are expensive cups and toys displayed inside the glass cabinet.

EXPERIENCE THE HABAL-HABAL SIDE-BY-SIDE TRIP: One of the exciting and exhilarating experience I had during our backpacking in Surigao del Sur was riding on the habal-habal in side-by-side position (photo above). We did this after we visited Tinuy-an Falls while we were heading to the highway to Bislig City.

Florland Resort, St. Francis Pension House, Garay Inland Resort, Yolanda Inn, Violy's Pension House, Bislig Town House, Salud Villa Resort, Hotel One-Eleven, and Casa de Babano.

WHERE TO STAY IN SAN AGUSTIN: You can stay at Jumong's Resthouse. Contact number: 09097049586, 09081611531. They can also arrange a boat for island hopping on Britania Islands.

HOW TO GET TO BISLIG: Via air, you can book a flight from Manila to either, Butuan, Surigao, or Davao City. From Butuan, you can take a bus or van to Mangahoy. From Surigao City, you need to take a ride to Butuan or Tandag. From there, your take a bus, jeepney or van to Bislig. READ: BACKPACKING in Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, and Camiguin

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