Isla Reta, Talikud Island, Samal

Isla Reta
Isla Reta Beach Resort in Talikud Island, Samal is a perfect island for retreat and relaxation - well, if you're just looking for a relaxing ambiance by the beach. This is one of the island paradise in Davao region that bears white sand beach and an island that is surrounded with emerald and crystal clear water. And, underwater is a sanctuary of colorful flora and fauna.

Affordable Place to Stay in Samal Island: Itinerary, Backpacking Guide, How to Get Here

The ambiance inside the ferry.

We arrived at resort at around 2:30 PM while the sun was striking hot. Upon arrival, I was stunned by the fine white sand shoreline, emerald waters, beautiful trees as part of the landscape, and quaint cottages by the beach. The ambiance was made perfect because of the cool wind blowing. We didn't do anything for couple of hours, just staring on the beauty of the island. Our legs and muscles were tired because of our Mt. Apo adventure - so it was the perfect time to re-generate the energy we lost.

Enough with the rest, it's time to plan for dinner. To buy supplies, we headed outside the resort. There are sari-sari stores that pretty much sell everything, plus, fishermen offers their freshly caught sea foods. What's good about this resort is that, they have a complete facility including grilling stations and cooking areas. For our dinner, we had rice, salted egg with tomatoes, grilled tilapia, bangus and squid. Had our dinner while the sky looks like a painting with the mix of gold, gray and blue colors. After dinner was socials.

Early in the morning of the next day, we waited for the stunning sunrise. Prepared breakfast and walked by the beach. We did nothing but enjoyed the tranquility and relaxing ambiance. We left the island with a smile and remarkable experience. By the way, Isla Reta Beach Resort has a canteen/store plus a charging station. There are water faucet and toilet and bath. If you’re planning to prepare fresh sea food for dinner, you can also check out at the stores outside the resort, without any additional fees.

It was our post climb destination after the tiring hike on Mt. Apo | From Davao International Airport, you can  ride in a taxi to ‘Sta. Ana Wharf,’ one of the Ports in Davao City. Then, at the port you can ride on a ‘lancha‘ or a ferry to Talicud Island, Samal.