Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Lanao del Norte: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is the top tourist attraction in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Its name literally translates to "hidden" in English,. This majestic waterfall captured the attention of travelers worldwide because of its grandeur. The crystal clear and cool water falling by the walls of the artistic rock formation creates a world-class picturesque - such picture-perfect landscape. On the other hand, the area is surrounded by greens that help in preserving the tranquility and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Paseo de Santiago

My Iligan City habal tour ended at the Paseo de Santiago, a seaside complex with several food stalls and shops. Since it's seaside, of course it's by the beach, the sound of the waves makes the area cozy with the cool breeze - a perfect spot to relax. Others would call it a "hangout area" where you can have a few bottles of beer and "ihaw-ihaw," with someone performing on the mini stage. The area is wide with an instagrammable landscape which includes the gorgeous fortress (photo above), a wide map of the Philippines on the ground and the statue of Lapu-Lapu on the other side. The perfect time to visit this place is during sunset. It is privately owned, thus, entrance fees are being collected.

3.Mimbalut Falls

Travelling to Mimbalot Falls is easy as it is the most accessible waterfall in Iligan City. It is not grand compared to Tinago Falls but its landscape is also picture-perfect. The area is surrounded by greens and the wind blowing is cool and fresh. In addition to the picture is the rock formation that adds more drama to the frame. Anyways, the water is cool and fresh plus the current is very strong. Rainbows are formed when the sunshine reflects on the droplets of water. The sound of the waterfalls is relaxing and can make your day a "lazy day." Beside Mimbalot is a private resort with a pool and beautiful landscape, perfect for family gatherings.


4. Maria Cristina Falls