Talikud Island, Samal Guide: Entrance Fee, Beach Resorts

Talikud Island
Talikud Island is located in Samal, Davao del Norte. This is a paradise in the region that bears fine white sand beaches and is surrounded by emerald and crystal clear water. On the other hand, the underwater has a sanctuary of colorful flora and fauna. The shoreline is landscaped with trees and quaint cottages. The ambiance was made perfect because of the cool wind blowing. We didn't do anything for a couple of hours, just staring at its beauty and golden sunset.

Talicud Island


HOW TO GET TO TALIKUD ISLAND: It was our post-climb destination after the tiring hike on Mt. Apo | From Davao International Airport, you can ride in a taxi to ‘Sta. Ana Wharf,’ one of the Ports in Davao City. Then, at the port you can ride on a ‘lancha‘ or a ferry to Talikud Island, Samal.