Mercy for None (KDrama)

In his past, Nam Ki-Joon (So Ji-Sub) was a member of the Bongsan Gang that was led by Gu Bong-San (Ahn Kil-Kang). Nam Ki-Joon defeated other gangs through violent battles and the gang grew into a large company, but Nam Ki-Joon decided to leave the gang. His younger brother Nam Ki-Seok (Lee Joon-Hyuk) joined the Joowoon Gang that was led by Lee Joo-Woon (Heo Jun-Ho). The two gangs were rivals. For his brother, Nam Ki-Joon quit the Bongsan Gang by cutting his left Achilles tendon.

11 years later, Nam Ki-Joon lives peacefully and makes a living by suppling drinks to businesses run by Bongsan. His brother Nam Ki-Seok is now the second highest ranked person in Joowoon, but he suddenly dies. In order to reveal the secret behind Nam Ki-Seok’s death and take revenge on those responsible, Nam Ki-Joon goes back to the gang world that he left behind 11 years ago. Synopsis by AsianWiki 

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Cast: So Ji-Sub
Country: South Korea
Release Date:
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Original Network: Netflix