Top 13 Best Tourist Spots in Eastern Samar: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Travel Guide

1. Amandaraga Falls

Amandaraga Falls is the top tourist destinations in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. This majestic waterfall has an artistic rock formation on the side, the cool and pressure of the falling crystal clear water is the perfect for body massage. Not only that, the sound of the rushing waters preserves the tranquility with the help of the relaxing green surroundings - it is just breathtaking!

2. Ando Island

3. Balangiga Church

4. Ban-awan Falls

5. Baybay Boulevard

6. Calicoan Beach

7. Canhugas Nature Park

8. Divinubo Island

9. Homonhon Island

10. Linao Cave

11. Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park

12. Pearl Island (Kantican Island and Marine Sanctuary)

13. Sulangan Church