Casa Real Shrine Stores the History of Bulacan

Heritage Sites in Bulacan
Casa Real Shrine is one of the tourist spots in Malolos City, Bulacan. It was built in 1580, became the town’s Casa Tribunal, Ayuntamiento, and Casa Presidencia Municipal and was the residence and Office of the Gobernadorcillo during the Spanish time.  It was the site of the Imprenta Nacional of the First Republic, where the revolutionary organs La Independencia, El Heraldo de la Revolucion, Kalayaan and Kaibigan ng Bayan were printed., the printing press of the 1896 Constitution and the Heraldo de Revolucion.

Casa Real Shrine
Rear view of Casa Real Shrine
 This house served as the printing press during the Malolos Republic, then was restored in 1852 and converted into a municipal library.

Bulacan Tourist Spots
Casa Real Shrine became the seat of the American military government, then turned into a hospital in 1923, an annex to the Bulacan High School in 1941 and was the Japanese Chamber of Commerce headquarters during the Japanese Occupation.

Historical sites in Bulacan
Taken at the bridge beside the compound while in the jeep.
It is now a museum under the management of the National Historical Institute and serves as the final repository of still existing memorabilia. This structure played a gigantic role in Philippine Republic.  One of the permanent exhibits of Casa Real Shrine are relics of the Brave Women of Malolos of whom Rizal wrote a poem to honor their courage of setting up a school against objections from the towns friars.

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