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Lang Dulay, a Filipino weaver from Lake Sebu

Lang Dulay
In the picture is Sebulan Dulay, the successor, with portraits of Lang Dulay.

A special visit to the house of Lang Dulay in Lake Sebu was epic. She's a former National Living Treasure awardee for the T'nalak weaving which the designs were based on her dream - the reason why she was called the "Dreamweaver." By the way, T'nalak is a traditional hand-woven fabric made from refined abaca fiber. This type of fabric got attention worldwide because it is done through a manual process but the finished product has amazing and unique patterns.

T'Boli Museum, Lake Sebu

T'boli Museum
During our visit, the T'Boli Museum was still closed but Jorie had it opened for us, he knows the caretaker. The architecture of the museum is also based on traditional houses. What's inside are the gongs used for different occasions, outfits made of T'nalak (a hand-woven fabric), accessories and many other antiques that were used by the locals for agriculture.

Fort sa Cotta, Misamis Occidental

Fort sa Cotta
Fort sa Cotta is one of the Spanish-built fortresses in the Philippines. The main purpose of this edifice is the same as the function of Fort Santiago in Manila and Fort sa Pedro in Cebu which is to protect the city/town against the attacks of the Moro pirates. This sturdy structure is made up of coral stones, thus, during World War 2, Fort sa Cotta served as a garrison, barracks and storage area for the military. Today, it is one of the most popular historical sites and a landmark in Misamis Occidental and in the entire Northern Mindanao region. During my visit, it was closed due to renovation. READ: SOLO-BACKPACKING IN ZamBaSulTa, Region 9, and Misamis Occidental. 

Mt. Samat, Bataan

Mt. Samat

Mt. Samat is a mountain in Bataan, Philippines and on its summit, the Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan was built because of its huge historical contribution during World War II. Also, the province holds the record of Battle of Bataan including the controversial Death March. Anyways, from Bagac, we traveled to Pilar to discover and to know more about the significance of the Cross on top of the mountain.

Rizal Park and Shrine, Dapitan City

Rizal Shrine Dapitan
The Rizal Shrine in Dapitan (José Rizal Memorial Protected Landscape) was the place where our National Hero was exiled by the Spaniards in 1892. Today, this historical place shows his life while working as a doctor, sculptor, farmer, teacher and many others. He purchased this land after winning a lottery in 1892. Later, his mother, sisters and relatives transferred here from Calamba, Laguna. However, on January 15, 1897, the Spanish authorities confiscated all of his property. These were converted into a park and were declared as National Park in 1940 by President Manuel L. Quezon.

Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum, Cavite: History, Travel Guide, How to Get Here

Aguinaldo Shrine, Cavite
Ang mansyon ng mga Aguinaldo o Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine sa Kawit, Cavite ay isa sa mga lumang istruktura na aking gustong maabot at ngayong araw, naabot ko rin ito sa wakas. Galing ng Baclaran, ang probinsya ng Cavite ay halos isang oras lamang  na biyahe dahil sa Cavitex na nagpagaan ng trapiko sa lugar. Sa post ko kahapon, ipinakita ko sa inyo ang maaliwalas na bakuran ng mansyon. Ngayon, loob naman ng mansyon ang aking ibabahagi.


Sulu Museum
Some of the works of Abdulmari Asia Imao, a National Artist for Sculpture.
The provincial museum of Sulu is a two-story building that houses the relics, documents, paintings and other historical memorabilia of Sulu. Previously, this building housed the Library of Sulu.What's interesting inside are the Chinese wares and documents such as the 1878 Land Lease Agreement between the sultanate of Sulu and British North Borneo Chartered Co.

Fort Santiago during World Tourism Day

Fort Santiago
This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros; Fort Santiago was my first destination. Walking beside this gigantic wall is absolutely remarkable as it embarks the significance of the past to current. Just by reading on the writings placed by the management in different corner, you can foresee what have transpired inside this wall centuries ago. Also, we can distinguish who are the prominent people imprisoned and tortured here, like Jose Rizal. Photos below will give you more excitement.

Cape Bojeador (Burgos Lighthouse)

Burgos Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Burgos Lighthouse) is a historical landmark and a cultural heritage erected during the Spanish era in the Philippines. It's a 66-foot-tall octagonal stone tower on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill with an overlooking scene of Cape Bojeador. This lighthouse was first designed by Magin Pers and Pers in 1887 and finished by the Lighthouse Service under Guillermo Brockman.

Guiob Church Ruins, Camiguin

Guiob Church Ruins
Another tourist destination in Camiguin is the Old Church Ruins (photo above). This church was damaged by the volcanic eruption that happened centuries ago, damaging the other structures on the island. The ruin is composed of meter-wide walls and huge columns. These walls and columns are made of coral stones and are now covered with mosses and plants.

Calle Crisologo, Vigan

Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo is the top tourist attractions in Vigan City. Also called Mena Crisologo Street, it's named after Mena Pecson Crisologo who is the most respected sons of Ilocos. He actually wrote Mining wenno Ayat ti Kararwa which is compared to Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere; he is also the author of Don Calixtofaro de la Kota Caballero de la Luna and Codigo Municipal.

National Museum of Natural History, Manila

Recently, the National Museum of Natural History opened with a bang! Opening their doors, cases and glass cabinets to everyone with items that are extremely rare and can only be found here - absolutely for FREE. The National Museum staff and researchers exerted their effort to preserve and keep these items for the next generation. It is my and your wealth! So, what are you waiting for? Tara na!

National Museum Planetarium, Manila

National Museum Planetarium
Just few days ago, the National Museum Planetarium opened its door to the public for FREE until April 30, 2017, so money is not a problem to see and appreciate the wealth inside its dome. By the way, there are daily presentation showing the facts about planets, satellites, stars, sun, milky way, galaxy, solar system and many other things around the sun that will definitely wake up your sleeping interest about celetial bodies and Science and Technology.

Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros

Baluarte de San Diego
This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros. From Manila Cathedral, I used Google Map to locate the exact location of Baluarte de San Diego, didn't notice that I already  passed by the gate of this historical landmark. Anyway, I planned to visit this side of the walled city but due to its entrance fee and I am in a financial hardship status, this plan didn't pushed through. But today, finally made it!

Top 6 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Sur: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. Britania Islands

These stunning islets are situated in the municipality of San Agustin. Composed of Hagonoy  (photo above), Naked, Boslon, and Hiyor-Hiyoran islands, these islets have the same features, there's a white sand shoreline surrounded by crystal clear and emerald waters, artistic rock and limestone formations, there's a big picture of a golden and beautiful sunset. Plus, there's a wealthy flora and fauna underwater.

Top 7 Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental + Travel Guide

Negros Occidental Tourist Spots

1. The Ruins, Talisay

Negros Occidental or Western Negros holds most historical sites of the region. Below are some of the top tourist destinations and a list of what to do in the province. VISIT THE RUINS IN TALISAY CITY (Photo Above) | This mansion was owned by the sugar baron Don Mariano “Anoy” Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948). The construction of this mansion was non-stop until the entire structure is completed. It was the largest mansion built during that time, however, was burnt to prevent the Japanese forces from making it their headquarters during World War II. Because of the A-Grade mixture of concrete that was used, its ruins remain today. READ: THE RUINS

3 Best Museums in Metro Manila

Today is a boring day! Question is: "Anu ang magandang gawin kapag wala kang magawa?" Sagot: " Pinturahan ang buong bahay gamit ang cutix." Pero wala akong cutix. So, after washing my clothes, without itinerary, my initial plan was to visit all the museums in Metro Manila including, Ayala Museum in Makati City, but the plan ended up visiting Marikina Shoe Museum (with 50 pesos entrance) and the two buildings of the National Museum of the Philippines with FREE Admission. Libre, aarte kapa?? Tara na!!

Top 3 Best Tourist Spots in Butuan City: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. Butuan National Museum

This branch of the National Museum houses a collection of relics discovered in the region. There are ceramics, earthenware, locally woven fabrics, paintings, books, jars, skeletons, and many more. Each of the items is enclosed in glass cabinets while the others are on the walls.

Tourist Spots in Zamboanga del Norte: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Zamboanga del Norte Tourist Spots
It was a long travel from Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay to Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte. My primary destination in this province is Jose Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City - the place where  Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, spent his few years when he was exiled but still made this life fruitful by working as a doctor, sculptor, farmer, teacher and participating other activities. Not only that, heritage houses are just some of the tourist spots and destinations in Dapitan City.