Old Train Station in Guiguinto, Bulacan

Guiguinto Bulacan
Built in 1661, the Estacion de Guiguinto (Guiguinto Train Station) is the towns most acclaimed historical landmark and heritage site.  It was upon this that the Katipuneros (Filipino guerillas during the Spanish Regime) ambushed a train from Dagupan, killing six friars, including the parish friar of Guiguinto, Fr. Leocadio Sanchez, and the Spanish doctor. The incident inspired Severino Reyes to author the novel "Opera Wlang Sugar" which was later made into a movie entitled "Walang Sugat." - source: www.bulacan.gov.ph 

Tourist Sports in Bulacan
This photo was capture in 2012, that time I heard that there's already a plan for destruction of this structure, creating a way to the new railway station to the North. After seeing the documentary created by Kara David, same year, I hope that NCCA and Department of Tourism would have a good plan preserving this structure.