Morong Church and its Old Looking Facade

Morong Church
Morong Church or Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church is more than 400 years old, after being established in 1607 and is one of the oldest churches in Bataan. It structure was made from Coral stones, erected by the people of Morong under the Spanish Colonizer ruled the province.

Old Churches in the Philippines
Based on how this church looks, the rusty color and lichen hanging on the exterior are proof that this church is considered as one of the heritage churches in Bataan. However, I did not see any Heritage or Historical markers placed here.

Churches in Bataan
On at the photo above, it emphasizes the age of this church, but the interior went to different changes and renovations. The interiors is painted in while that contrasts the color of the benches and aisle.

The Beanery
Here we are, before leaving Bataan, I can’t forget the best part of this travel and that is by tasting mouth watering dishes served by local restaurant – the Beanery.

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