BATAAN (Tourist Spots, DIY Travel Guide, Things you need to know)

Historically speaking, Bataan is one of the provinces in the Philippines that has a huge contribution to Philippine history, political or not. Bataan belongs to Region 3 or commonly known as the Central Luzon provinces. This province is separated by Manila de Bay from the NCR and province of Cavite. During my visit in the province, I noticed that the people are accommodating and are living in simple way. Aside from that, Bataan also has a lot to offer in terms of tourist destinations. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOGS

Province of Bataan - Top destinations, Itinerary, and Things you need to know.

We’re done with the beauty by the waters, let’s check at the higher altitude. Photo above was taken at the Papaya river, one of the beautiful spots in Mt. Tarak. This mountain can be challenging because it is four to six hours trek on a jungle terrain but after the tiring trek, the nature will reward you with calming river in the middle of the forest. Plus the fact that Mt. Tarak also has a gorgeous sceneries on the summit. READ: HIKING MT. TARAK

Among all the mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Samat has the biggest contribution in Philippine history during the World War II. The province of Bataan holds the records of Battle of Bataan and including the controversial Death March. Anyways, Mt. Samat is situated in the municipality of Pilar, Province of Bataan, almost three hours travel from Manila. READ: MT. SAMAT AND THE SHRINE OF VALOR

The other side of Bataan is by the water, so expect for a remarkable water experience. The long stretch of shoreline has fine grayish sand, the water is clean and cool, the sea breeze is totally relaxing because of its freshness. Let’s add the beautiful underwater ornaments, such as fish, shells, sea anemones, corals, and many more. We stayed at White Corals Resort. READ: BATAAN WHITE CORALS RESORT

Morong Church or Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church is more than 400 years old, after being established in 1607 and is one of the oldest churches in Bataan. It structure was made from Coral stones, erected by the people of Morong under the Spanish Colonizer ruled the province. READ: MORONG CHURCH

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