Shirtless at Naked Island, Surigao

Surigao Tourist Spots
 Experience this Naked Paradise at the Naked Island. It is not what you think, I know you’re thinking of something green but its name is derived from its characteristic – naked, meaning nothing can be found on this islet, just fine white sand and it is also small, maybe 10 meters or less. Check the photos below will explain more:

Naked Island
 Feeling naked, while there's a storm on the background.

Since we don't have budget for drones, here’s our improvised monopod, a tall and gigantic monopod with the GoPro on top. Napakahirap kumuha ng Aerial Shot, lalong lalo na kung walang punong pwedeng pagsabitan ng camera. But, we made it! Talino no? Check the other islets of Britania, Click Here >>>

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