Tanned at Britania Group of Islets, Surigao

Britania Islands
 Britania Group of Islets is just one of the prides of Surigao del Sur. These are like huge boulders dropped into the water  and the fine white sad exploded from the sea bed. There are several islets but only few can be reached because of the high tide. If you're in Surigao, add Britania in your bucket list.

Hagonoy Island
 Hagonoy Island this islet is really small, just a hundred meters long or maybe less but has a fine white sand shore and surrounded by crystal clear waters. Hagonoy is an islet with few coconuts and trees, so expect for a darker skin tone after your visit because of the sun rays. It is the cutest among Britania Group of Islets. More photos from Hagonoy Island, Click Here >>>

Surigao Tourist Spots
Experience this naked paradise at the Naked Island. It is not what you think, I know you’re thinking of something green but its name is derived from its characteristic – naked, meaning nothing can be found on this islet, just fine white sand and it is also small, maybe 10 meters or less. More photos from the Naked Island, Click Here >>>

Boslon Island
Walk with happiness on the fine white sands that cover the Boslon Island. This islet is like a huge boulder dropped in the water, because of the pressure the fine white sand exploded and became Boslon Island. Well, that’s only my own story. Anyways, this islet is circular in shape, with the plants and trees hanging on top of the islet creating a cool atmosphere in the area. Here’s what you can see at Boslon Island, Click Here >>>

Mindanao Tourist Spots
Hiyor-hiyoran Island is one of the Britania Group of Islands in Surigao del Sur. It is also called the souvenir island because among these islands, Hiyor-hiyoran is the only one with souvenir shops built, by the beach. Same as the other islands, it also has fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and gorgeous limestone formation. Here’s what you can see at Boslon Island, Click Here >>>

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