An Overnight Stay at UCM Adventure Park in San Mateo

UCM Adventure Park
UCM Adventure Park is one of the newest tourist spots and destinations in San Mateo, Rizal. This park became prominent because it’s 1 to 2 hours from Metro Manila. For a short travel time, you’ll enjoy the beauty that the province possesses. Free up your memory cards; you’ll definitely need more to capture the gorgeous landscape surrounding the area. Since this park is situated on the higher ground, at night, there’s a wide view of the Metro Manila’s skyline with the shining lights. What makes it relaxing? I think it's the fresh and cool wind blowing. VIEW MY VLOG HERE

The fog at the campsite of UCM Adventure Park.

What To Do | Activities to Try in  UCM Adventure Park
Having an overnight camping is recommended for you to witness the spectacular golden skyline. If you’re planning for a day tour, they have cottages for you. Aside from the amazing view, they also offer an ATV adventure. For inquiries and reservation, you can message them on their Facebook page.

How to Get to  UCM Adventure Park
There is no direct route to UCM Adventure Park. It's more convenient if you have private vehicle. For navigation, you can use Waze or Google Maps.