tourist spots in Marawi City
Marawi City, the capital of Lanao del Sur, is one of the cities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Marawi has a colorful culture and is overflowing with stunning tourist spots and destinations. Prior to my solo-backpacking,  whenever I share my itinerary, the common response of my friends was "it is not safe in Marawi," that negative statement did not affect my travel plan. From Iligan City proper, I rode on a habal to the Southbound Terminal where I rode in a van to Marawi City; travel time was about 45 minutes to an hour.

HOW TO GET TO MARAWI CITY: At first, I felt awkward because I was sitting in between two Muslim ladies. But felt more awkward-eerr when I spoke in tagalog while paying my fare to the conductor. Everyone was starring at me! Actually, that moment was a blessing in disguise, why? Because my seatmates started chatting with me in tagalog. "San ka pupunta?" "May kakilala kaba?" "May dadalawin kaba?" Those questions were thrown at me. I just smiled and responded "Wala, mag-lilibot-libot lang ako sa mga tourist spots dito." They were friendly and welcoming!

tourist destinations in Marawi City
The relaxing ground at Mindanao State University.
I alighted at the intersection inside the Mindanao State University. Why? Because I noticed an amazing landscape with a relaxing ambiance (photo above). The breeze was cool and fresh; very conducive for learning. From there, I walked on the street to Aga Khan Museum, where I learned a lot about the culture of the Maranaos.

tourist spots in Lanao del Sur
The facade of Aga Khan Museum
The Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Arts is one of the must vist tourist destinations in Marawi City, inside the MSU campus. It was Dr. Mamitua D. Saber who founded the museum on June 13, 1962 and was inaugurated on March 23, 1969. From University Folks Arts Center, it was renamed to Aga Khan Museum to honor Aga Khan IV who donated the current museum building. By the way, Aga Khan Museum holds the largest Filipino Muslim collections in the Philippines.

Aga Khan Museum Marawi City
The reception of Aga Khan Museum

Muslim traditional dresses
The traditional dresses of the Maranaos.

Aga Khan Museum's objective is to collect and preserve fold art specimens and artifacts of the Muslim groups and other indigenous minorities. To organize a systematic collection that could be useful to scholars, researches of the Philippine Muslim Culture. To encourage research in and lend assistance to the revival and salvaging of folk arts. To spread knowledge about the people of these regions in an effort towards cultural integration.


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