Mt. Apo | Hiking on the Highest | Part 1

Mt. Apo
Hiking Mt. Apo was a tough adventure, but it was a life changing experience for me. Despite of some technical factors, like extreme coldness, tiring hike and etc., that measured my strength. I was able to conquer my own fears. It's hard to tell and explain, I am leaving my photos to you.

Loading our backpack to a Habal-habal | 7:19 AM | Trekking started: 8:30 AM

Mt. Apo Registration
First take give | 10:15 AM

Mt. Apo Trail
at the carrot plantation, of course with carrots at the background

Mt. Apo Trail
the gorgeous and gradual trail | 11:02 AM

Mt. Apo Trail
Lunch break on trail | 12:15 PM

Mt. Apo Trail
Ascending trail to Tinikaran Camp site | 2:10 PM

Mt. Apo Tinikaran
Define smile | First groupie at the Tinikaran Marker | 2:30 PM

Mt. Apo Food
 Preparing our dinner | Before sunset
Our first day was a 7 hours trek to Tinikaran camp site. It was  sweaty but a relaxing hike. You can also check our Day 2 photo compilation. For our itinerary in English, click here: Buhay ni Meym and for our Diary, click here: TravellingCup