Mt. Apo | Hiking on the Highest | Part 2

Mt. Apo Water Source
Tinikaran Campsite water source | 8:18 AM
Here are my photos | 2nd day Mt. Apo Adventure

Mt. Apo Trail
First take five | 9:38 AM | Trekking started: 9:00 AM

Mt. Apo trail
Not a gradual trail anymore

Mt. Apo sulfur vents
Upon arrival at Mt. Apo Sulfur Vents

Batang Hamog
Batang Hamog Mountaineers

Mt. Apo sulfur vents

Batang Hamog
Assault after the sulfur vents

Darwin Dalisay
Feeling high, above the clouds

Mt. Apo
Not on a gradual pace trail. Hopping on/off the boulders

Mt. Apo greek wall
White sand and the Greek Walls after the boulders

Batang Hamog
Water proofing and preparing for the assault

Mt. Apo Lake
by the Lake | 2:40 PM

Mt. Apo Lake
Mt. Apo's Lake
2nd day was not a simple hike. It was full of surprises. You can also check our Day 1and 3 photo compilation. For our itinerary in English, click here: Buhay ni Meym and for our Diary, click here: TravellingCup