Binondo Church
One of the famous districts in Manila is Binondo, it is also known because of the Filipino-Chinese communities in the area. Since this district is said to be one of the centers of the trade and industries centuries ago and even today, some Chinese businessmen were converted to Christianity during the Spanish era, so this church was established in the area in 1587 by the Dominicans for them.

Binondo Church is known as the Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz which was named after the first Filipino saint (San Lorenzo Ruiz) who was canonized in 1987. The original structure was destroyed in 1756 but on the same spot, it was replaced by a new granite church completed in 1852. But during World War II, it was severely damaged, remaining the west facade, walls and bell tower to survive. In front of this church is Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz where water fountains were perfectly designed that match the ambiance of the church. This church is in the center of the district and one of the landmarks.

The facade of this church has a Baroque designs where the curves and columns were perfectly created by the artisans. The interior of Binondo Church is one of the best in terms of artistry. Inside this church are covered with peach color, gold and white. At the altar, I can see the image of the St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. Paintings with Biblical images on the ceiling are an additional asset of this church. After visiting this church we had our sumptuous lunch at Wai Ying Restaurant in Manila Chinatown.


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