Guimbal Church, Iloilo

Guimbal Church
Guimbal Church is situated by the highway of Guimbal, Ilo-Ilo, and can easily be recognized because of its unique facade. After my visit at Miag-Ao Church, I traveled around 30 minutes to Guimbal. According to my research, Guimbal Church or St. Nicholas of Tolentino Church doesn’t have any record to when I was erected or established, however, it was completed between 1769 and 1774 under Friar Juan Campos. In 1893, it was further enlarged but later destroyed by fire during the Revolution in 1896 to 1898.

Guimbal Church was built from coral stone and yellow limestone through forced labor. The design is more on Spanish Colonial Style. The columns placed on the facade were added as additional support to the entire structure and at the same time, each of the columns bears an artistic design. Not sure, but I noticed that the road in front is elevated than the floor of the church.

Location, How to Get Here, My Travel to Iloilo City
From Manila, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines has a direct flight to Ilo-Ilo Airport. From the airport take a cab to Super. Then, ride a jeepney with "Miag-Ao" or "San Joaquin" sign board and alight in Tigbauan. On the left, you will see Tigbauan Church and Guimbal Church while Miag-ao Church is on the right. Available public transportation to Ilo-Ilo City are jeepney or UV Express van.