Mt. Halcon | Mindoro

2019 Mt. Halcon
Mt. Halcon is another giant of MIMAROPA Region. This is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the Philippines, garnered 9/9 rating in terms of its difficulty, but that rating is not enough to rate the lessons we learned during this climb.  I can say: “this mountain has a brain and intelligence as it transformed all of us into a different individual,” after the climb.

Mt. Halcon hiking guide and itinerary;

the trails of Mt. Halcon

The Trails of Mt. Halcon

We chose Mayabig Trail for our ascent. Mayabig is a long trail covered with banana, coconuts, vegetables, and other plants cultivated by the residents (mostly the mangyans). During our climb, the weather wasn’t fine because it was July which is a rainy season. 

Mangyan Tribe in the Philippines

 Iglesiang Ebanghelika ng Aruta at the mangyan village

2019 mt halcon hiking guide
mt halcon 2019

For our first day, Ayambukog Camp was our resting place. Ayambukog is an open area, 4-5 hours from the village. This area serves as the green pastures for the cattle, horses, carabaos and goats. Few minutes from this camp, a clean river can be found.

mt halcon itinerary 2019
the Virgin Rainforest

campsite of mt halcon

Photo above was taken at the Camp 1. This area is a wide and open space that can handle several tents or groups. This spot has an amazing view of Mt. Halcon. Halcon's range keeps on hiding in a thick layer of white clouds. The trail from Camp 1 to Dulangan River, was very steep. Our hands and feet depended on the roots passing the 90 degrees assault. Trail marks are available and being focused on the trail is very essential.

2019 mt halcon dulangan river
 From afar, I easily noticed the relaxing sound from a splashing water. At first, I did not know where that sound originates, I thought from waterfalls, but I was wrong – it was Dulangan River. Also, I heard the sopranos from birds and insects. Dulangan river is amazing; the waters are crystal clear, cool and really clean.

mt halcon trails 2019
 From Dulangan River, the trail is ascending and with assault. Bodies of water spread in most of the areas, so expect for hopping on and off the boulders, crossing the river and waterfalls. Halcon still has an amazing rainforest; so majority of the trails were wet, slippery and accident prone. But, I can’t deny that the ambiance, while on the trail, was remarkable.

mt halcon
At the Karawyan area
Photo above was taken at the Karawyan area, while everything and everywhere were wet. I wasn’t able to capture more photos because the battery of my camera was almost in draining stage. Temperature during our hike was a challenge, plus the fact that the wind was strong and raining hard – it was an ouch!!!

mt halcon
at the Azothea
mt halcon summit

Photo above was taken at the Azothea, few meters to reach the knife edge, while waiting for the weather to calm. We thought the weather will be fine afterwards, but we were wrong, the wind became more powerful and the fog became thicker. Our guide did not permit us to continue crossing the knife edge and to the summit. We were almost 200 meters away to the summit, but we don’t want to risk our security, so we took gorgeous shoots and descent. It was a challenge hike, but I will definitely be back to Mt. Halcon. Physical preparation is needed before the hike. Permits from the DENR and guides are needed!

How to Get to Mt. Halcon:

At Batangas Port, we took a ride in a RoRo to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro.