According to the locals, Pulong Pasig or Pasig Island is one of the tourist spots in Quezon province awaiting to be discovered because during low tide, a very long sandbar appears, as in, super long, as in, one of  the longest sandbars in the Philippines. Though the sand is beige, it has a mixture of small corals, gray sand, and some little crustaceans running back and forth. By the way, according to our boatman, the island is now private and no trespassing. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

We spent our first day in Sea Guy Resort in Catanauan, two hours from Calauag.

Waiting for the sunset.

The stunning sunset along the shoreline of Catanauan.

The real color of the sand.

So, Pasig island and sandbar is something that you should include in your bucket list. Staying with friends in the middle of the sea for couple of hours eating and sharing stories is remarkable. This event is remarkable because of the thunderstorm. HOW TO GET HERE: This is a organized event, so I can't provide a specific route.