Mt. Mantalingajan
Mt. Mantalingajan is situated in Rizal, Palawan, more than 4 hours travel from Puerto Princesa City. Since Manta (another name given) is located on a secluded municipality, its beauty remains hidden to many hikers, thus, its richness is well preserved. Some of the hikers I met said that it is a combination of Mt. Halcon in Mindoro and Mt. Guiting-Guiting in Romblon. And to complete my MIMAROPAs Big 3, here’s our journey on the trails of Mt. Mantalingajan, a 9/9 hike.

Mt. Mantalingajan itinerary
Our first stop over was at Babes R. Fast food, by the highway. It was the perfect place for our breakfast and our packed lunch. Comfort rooms are available here.  While heading to Rizal, we had few stop over at the market where we bought supplies, trail foods and etc.

Balin-balin Villlage
The Balin-Balin Village, on the foot of Mt. Mantalingajan.
The weather was not fine during our hike, so after getting off the van, we walked on a muddy and rough road to Balin-Balin village. This village has few families with farming as their source of income. Their houses are made of nipa and wood.

Mt. Mantalingahan
From Balin-balin Village, it’s another muddy trail ascent to Mamamahin, the spot where the tall Manguis tree (called Ginoo) is situated. It is also the place where I heard a noise of a festival from Taw’t Batu tribe (photo below) nearby, having their wine party. It was a continued ascent to Magtangob and Sir Buldog’s house.

Tau't Batu
Tau't Batu; men hunting for their living
Tau't Batu (people of the rock) are indigenous people located in some high lying areas on Mt. Mantalingajan. As of right now, most of them are still using the ancient mode of living, like hunting and farming. They also use caves as their home but some already have houses made of light and sturdy materials like nipa, coconut leaves and woods.  During our visit, I noticed that most of the women use cloth to cover their bodies while shirts and G-strings for the men.

Mt. Mantalingajan Trail
 Mt. Mantalingajan trail to Paray-Paray.
We passed on the trails and spots such as Mangamot, Camp 1 or the Kabwan Community, Mangkopa, Kawayanan, Dikloy-Dikloy which is still part of Ransang, Palawan. Next spots were Polango area, bonsai area (photo above), Gunob and Paray-Paray camp site.

Mt. Mantalingajan Trail
Mt. Mantalingajan trail, from Paray-Paray to the summit.
Another challenging part was trekking to the Summit of Mt. Mantalingajan. It wasn’t easy, because my rock scrambling ability was tested, but the trail still has a virgin forest and the ambiance was cool. Another part was another Bonsai area, which is perfect for photo background. Photos below were taken from the summit.

Mt. Mantalingajan Summit

Mt. Mantalingajan Summit

Mt. Mantalingajan Summit

Mt. Mantalingajan

Most difficult mountain philippines

Mt. Mantalingajan Trail
During our one night stay at Paray-Paray, sleeping in a tent was a challenge. The temperature was really low – it was cold and descending Mantalingajan was a difficult one. The trails have downhill, uphills, mossy forest, rock scrambling, loose rocks and soil. There were long part with a cliff hanging trail. Trails and spots were Lapong, fork trail to Kamantian trail, Nagringgit range, Karim, Kawang-Kawang, and Kupang area. We also passed on the community called Perataw.