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2019 Mt. Guiting guiting
Mt. Guiting-guiting is located in Sibuyan Island, Romblon, the marble capital of the Philippines. It serves as the boundary of the three municipalities of the island: Magdiwang, San Fernando, and Cajidiocan. In the world of mountaineering, it is considered as one of the most technical mountains in the Philippines, garnered 9/9 rating. 

Mt. Guiting guiting hiking guide and itinerary:

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The beauty of Sibuyan Island
Sibuyan Island has unspoiled beauty, both flora and fauna. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters which has an amazing underwater wealth, plus white sand beaches. This island is covered with relaxing green color coming from the trees and plants covering the entire island. Sibuyan is the home of one of the cleanest river in the Philippines.

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Side view of the Knife Edge

Mt. Guiting guiting is one of the tourist spots and destinations in Romblon:

During our first day, from the village to DENR, it was an uphill trail with river crossing. The trail is well established but has fork trails. Terrains are still untouched because it is being maintained by the locals and DENR. While taking the photo above, I got goose bumps for some reason. Taken at the bonsai area. Photos below were taken while on trail to Mayos Peak.

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From the DENR area, it was an uphill and the terrain was still covered with plants and trees. While walking on the trail, I noticed that Mt. Guiting-guiting has an amazing virgin forest and the ambiance is cool. From Bulod spring (the water source) to Mayos Peak, it was a 30 to 45 minutes continuous assault. Photo above was taken before the sunset at the Bonsai area

Mt. Guiting guiting 2019
From Mayos Peak to Durungawan, it’s just a 10-15 minutes’ walk. Durungawan is the perfect spot where you can see the beautiful shape of Mt. Guiting-guiting. From afar, you’ll see the perfect shape of the Knife Edge and the summit. The trail on the knife edge to the summit were the challenging ones. Photos below will clearly explain:

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Rock scrambling is one of the challenging part of G2
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2019 Mt. guiting guiting knife edge

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Kiss the Wall
Aside from the Knife Edge, Kiss the Wall is also one of the famous features of Mt. Guiting-guiting. It is a side wall of a huge boulder, for about a meter, which is a part of the trail that needs to be crossed. It is the most accessible but a challenging passage to the summit. Because it is a cliff hanging part, hiker will literally kiss the wall of the boulder while crossing this side. After kiss the wall, here’s the terrain to the summit and descending.

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2019 mt guiting guiting hiking guide

2019 mt guiting guiting hiking itinerary
The trail from the summit to descent
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The Crash Site
Another feature of Mt. Guiting-guiting is the crash site (photo above). According to our guide, there's a plane crashed on this site. The pilot didn't saw the mountain because it was covered with thick fog. And the search and rescue operation focused to Mt. Halcon, another giant in Mindoro island. Today, there are metals scattered on the trail because some of the locals tried bringing it down for money.

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Before leaving the beautiful Sibuyan Island, while on the RoRo, I captured a gorgeous photo, where the saw tooth like knife edge is noticeable. The mountain was playing trick with my camera, it's hiding in the clouds every time that I point my camera to it.

How to Get to Mt. Guiting Guiting, Romblon:

On EDSA, I rode in a bus bound for Batangas Port. At the port, I rode in a RoRo to Romblon, Romblon Port and another RoRo ride to Ambulong Port, in Sibuyan island. Chartered a tricycle to our guide's house.