Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River | Rizal

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This event was unplanned! Before the weekends, we usually talk about going to somewhere – somewhere means away from the noisy Metro Manila, so either hiking or beach. When we heard about Mt. Daraitan and saw gorgeous photos online, without hesitations, after our respective shifts, we left the Metro and proceeded to this paradise.

Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River hiking guide and itinerary:

mt. daraitan itinerary 2019
Looking for a great adventure near Manila? Or want to leave the stressful life in the Metro? Mount Daraitan and the Tinipak River in Tanay, Rizal should be one in your list. Its adventure is a combination of trekking and camping. In this spot, you can enjoy the natures beauty such as clean river waters, fresh air, unexplored caves and many more.

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 Traveling from Tanay to Brgy. Sampaloc, in Tatay, Rizal was a challenge, photo above will describe. There are few and limited jeepney routes to Mt. Daraitan, so for one trip jeepneys are being filled with passenger and commodities. Since we want challenge, we opted to be on top of the jeepney, check the first photo.

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The Trials of Mt. Daraitan to Tinipak River:

The Trail | I can say, the trail and terrain of Mt. Daraitan is simple. From the village, it is one to two hours walk on a well established trail, passing by the cemetery, hopping on and off the boulders and crossing the river. The trail is fine if it’s a dry season, but during our trek, wet season, the trail was muddy and slippery.

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The Camp Site | Mt. Daraitan has a wide camp site, but are private areas. These camp sites were already developed into a resort-ish type with cottages, wash rooms and stores available. If you’re lazy preparing your foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can ask Ate, the owner, to cook something for you for a reasonable price.

Tinipak river 2019
tinipak river travel guide 2019
The River | Tinipak River is the name given to the river of Daraitan. It’s a long body of water with crystal clear and cool waters, free flowing to the lower areas, passing different provinces of Rizal and Quezon. This river is surrounded by white stones to the large boulders and lime stones.

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The Cave | Another feature of Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River is the cave, situated few meters from the camp site and on the other side of the river. The trail is difficult because hikers need to hop on and off the boulders with sharp edges. Ladders made of wood were constructed on the trail to make it safer.

How to Get to Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River:

From Mega Mall, Robinsons Galleria or in Cubao, you can take a ride to Tanay and alight at the terminal, by the public market. Jeep bound for Brgy. Sampalok is situated at the rear side of the market. Travel time from the market to the jump off is about two to three hours. Next part is riding on a raft crossing the river. Then, rode in a tricycle to the Daraitan Brgy. Hall.

Guide is Needed!!