HIKING GUIDE: Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River

Mt. Daraitan
The province of Rizal has a lot to offer, from arts, crafts, food, rivers and mountains. When we saw the gorgeous photos of Mt. Daraitan, we thought that it's a perfect place to relax and re-energized with positivity that nature possesses. Hiking this mountain and crossing the Tinipak River can definitely give you a unique experience because the place is surrounded with relaxing greens and the sound of the rushing water by the river preserves the tranquility.
Mt. Daraitan itinerary
 To add more thrill, we were on the top load.

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HOW TO GET TO MT. DARAITAN: From Mega Mall, Robinsons Galleria or in Cubao, you can ride in a jeepney to Tanay Transport Terminal. At the backside of the public market, we rode in a jeep to Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. The travel time from the market to the jump off is about two to three hours. The jump off is the area before crossing the river. Next part is riding on a raft crossing the river. Then, rode in a tricycle to the Brgy. Hall for registration. REMINDER: There are limited jeepneys to heading to the jump off of Mt. Daraitan in Sampaloc.

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Mt. Daraitan for beginners

Mt. Daraitan trails

THE TRAILS OF MT. DARAITAN: The trails and terrains are simple, however, it became challenging because of the rains, plus, it was night trek. From the registration area, it is one to two hours walk on a well established trail, passing by the cemetery, hopping on and off the boulders and crossing the river. It was cold and was getting colder because of the wind and rain showers.

Mt. Daraitan campsite
 The campsite, by the river.

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THE CAMP SITE: Mt. Daraitan has a wide camp site, but are private areas. These camp sites were already developed into a resort-ish type with cottages, wash rooms and stores. If you’re lazy preparing your foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can ask Ate, the owner - forgot her name, to cook something for you, for a reasonable price. The area is open but it's in the middle of the mountains, so the air is fresh and has a relaxing ambiance. But has a sticky mudddd.

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Tinipak River

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Tinipak River entrance fee

THE TINIPAK RIVER: It is the name given to the river of Mt. Daraitan. It’s a long body of rushing water with crystal clear and cool waters, free flowing to the lower areas, passing by the provinces of Rizal, Quezon and Laguna. This river is surrounded by white limestone and large boulders which added an artistic formation - such an incredible and instagrammable place.

THE CAVE OF MT. DARAITAN: Another feature of Daraitan and Tinipak River is the cave, situated few meters from the camp site and the other side of the river. The trail is difficult because hikers need to hop on and off the boulders with sharp edges. Wooden ladders were constructed to ensure that trekking is safe.