Mt. Manabu | Batangas

2019 mt manabu
Mt. Manabu was my second mountain, after Mt. Pundaquit. It was a night trek for our Freedom Climb 2012. During our Manabu hike, I was really astounded by the weather and the relaxing ambiance. Everything is  covered with greens and the gorgeous views from afar are visible.

Mt. Manabu hiking guide, budget and itinerary:

Manabu is derived from the word Mataas Na Bundok, situated in Brgy. Sulok, Province of Batangas, 2-3 hours travel from Manila. This mountain has a lot to offer; from the beautiful plants to the cutest animals by the trail. The remarkable part is having a few cups of civet coffee at Mang Piryings house, I’ll discuss it later why. Photos below will show you everything, captured while enjoying the ambiance of Manabu.

The Trails of Mt. Manabu, Batangas:

mt manabu itinerary 2019

mt. manabu traverse
The Trail | Mt. Manabu has continuous ascent. The first part is walking on trail by the village where the terrain is covered with grass, fruit bearing trees, bananas, coconuts and animals, such as horses, cows and goats. The soil is dusty during dry but sticky and slippery during the wet season. 

To descent, you can choose either back trail or the circuit passes on different stations. Circuit is longer than the back trail and the terrain is covered with thick grass, shrubs and trees. The trail has uphill and downhill parts.

civet coffee mt manabu
 The Coffee | As what I mentioned earlier, every time I hike Mt. Manabu, I always make sure that I have time to take a rest at the hosue of Tatay Pirying and drink few cups of civet coffee. Civet coffee is said to be one of the most expensive coffee in the world – well Batangas has that! What happens is, coffee beans are eaten by civet cat, digested and poopz. Digestion helps making the coffee beans even more refined.  

mt manabu pictures
Tatay Pirying is always hospitable to all the hikers passing by his house. Photo above describes how he treated us during our 30 minutes stay.

mt manabu hiking guide
Malipunyo Ranges and Susong Dalaga on the background

The Camp Site | Mt. Manabu has a wide and open camp site. If you prefer a spot that is hidden from others, you can explore on the other side. The camp site looks like a park or a playground which is covered with thick green grasses. From afar, Malipunyo ranges, Susong Dalaga and other nearby ranges can be seen.

the trails of mt. manabu
From the camp site to the summit is 10 to 20 minutes ascend the terrain is covered with grass and shrubs.

the summit of mt manabu 2019

The Summit | The summit of Mt. Manabu is amazing, there’s a gorgeous 360 degrees view of the nearby municipalities and mountains, like the Malipunyo ranges and Susong Dalaga. The air is cool, fresh and so relaxing. This is a small open area with the cross erected on it.

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 This climb was organized by the Batang Hamog Mountaineers. These are amazing and open minded people regardless of gender, religious affiliations, age, and of course beauty. Photo taken in 2012.

Needs to Consider | Leave No Trace. Bringing insect repellent lotion is highly recommended, to fight mosquitoes and flies and other insects.

How to Get to Mt. Manabu:

On EDSA-Cubao, we rode in Alps Bus bound for Batangas and alighted in Tambo Exit. Chartered a jeepney to the jump off in Brgy. Sulok. At the jump off, registration fees are to be collected; toilet and bath are available.